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交流中的眼神接触 The Eye-contact in Communication

Once, I talked to the foreign people, he was staring at me all the time, which made me feel not comfortable, so I chose to avoid his eyes and kept a little distance from him. When I talked about this problem to my foreign teacher, she told me that it was natural for them to look at you during communication, which meant respect. While in China, people do the opposite thing. They try to avoid eye-contact, because it is not eased to look at each other. The different culture sometimes creates distance. The foreigners always feel strange when they look at Chinese people’s eyes and every time when they want to come closer to hear more clearly, Chinese people will walk away. So the more we learn about the culture, the more we know about the world.  有一次,我跟外国人交谈,他一直盯着我,这让我感到很不舒服,所以我选择了避开他的眼睛,和他保持一定的距离。当我和外教谈到这个问题时,她告诉我,他们在交流时看着对方是很正常的,代表了尊重。而在中国却是相反的,人们试图避免目光接触,因为看着对方会感到不自在。文化的差异有时会产生距离感。外国人总是感到奇怪,在他们看中国人的眼睛或者每次想接近一点以便听得更清楚时,中国人就会走开。所以我们对文化了解得越多,对这个世界也了解越多。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171202/The-Eye-contact-in-Communication.html