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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 1 Back to school [00:10.50]1.Look,read,listen and act. [00:16.67]This is the first day fo a fall semester. [00:21.42]Li Meng and his sister have spent a busy but exciting day at school. [00:27.77]Now they are back home discussing what they've heard during the day. [00:34.12]Summer is so short.We only went to one summer camp. [00:39.16]How many do you need? [00:42.32]You know my classmates went to some real exciting ones. [00:47.46]They were talking about them all the time. [00:51.44]You should have seen the look on their faces. [00:55.56]What summer camps? [00:58.59]I thought ours was the best. [01:02.12]We learned so much English. [01:05.67]The songs,the music,they story books and the movies... [01:11.13]I know.But the other camps were good too. [01:15.70]Two of my classmates went to a "Culture" camp. [01:20.07]It was all about different cultures,British,French,African,Indonesian.. [01:27.61]What did they do there? Movies,lectures and everyghing. [01:32.94]I don't remember now but it must have been good. [01:37.62]Is that all? [01:40.68]Of course not.One of my friends went to a camp called "Fitness" something. [01:46.92]They went swimming,mountain climbing,hiking and... [01:52.56]Next time maybe. [01:55.62]We xhould tell mum earlier if we don't want to miss the fun. [02:00.76]Too bad,summer is over now. [02:05.44]Where did you spend your summer holiday? [02:09.70]Tick it/them and tell your friend about it/them [02:15.58]3.Liarwn and tick. [02:20.12]Who did what during the summer holidays? [02:48.70]4.Listen,read and then write. [02:54.58]Please read the following passage [02:58.63]and find out what children do in their summer holidays. [03:03.90] Summer camps [03:07.14] For many children in the world,summer camps are becoming more and more popular. [03:13.99]In China,we have a similar situation. [03:18.64]Each year,kids come to summer camps for friendship and experiene. [03:25.30]The summer camps provide an opportunity for children [03:29.95]to learn things beyond their school subjects. [03:34.80] There are many different kinds of summer camps. [03:39.38]Some camps are only for learning spoken English [03:44.24]ad they provide a native speaker for each group. [03:49.09]Some camps are only for visting historical places. [03:54.45]But,most camps combine learning and sightseeing to attract more students. [04:01.50] Summer camps offer various programs form arts and crafts, [04:07.25]computer skills,putting on short plays to horseback riding, [04:13.91]sailing,rock climbing and swimming and many others. [04:19.87]Everybody can find something interesting to do. [04:24.91] Summer camps are usually held in local places. [04:30.26]The place is quiet,the scenery is beautiful, [04:35.91]the air is fresh and most importantly the surroundings are safe, [04:42.44]because parents have to make sure [04:46.51]that their children do not get sick and are not being hurt. [04:51.68] In recent years,more and more children like to join a summer camp [04:57.53]which organizes activities abroad. [05:01.90]At present,summer camps in England,America,Australia, [05:08.14]New Zealand and France are very popular. [05:13.00]So,choosing a summer camp is not easy. [05:17.86]Money,time,your personal interests and perhaps some other things, [05:24.21]such as which camp your friends are attending, [05:29.04]will influence your decision. [05:32.80]Find the answers to the following questions. [05:37.84]Underline and number the sentence.The number on the line. [05:44.69]7.Listen and ack. [05:49.41]Li meng is sitting at his desk filling in his new school schedule. [05:55.79]His notes are not very clear, [05:59.63]so he picks up the phone and calls a classmate. [06:04.49]What words may Li Meng use when he talks to his classmate? [06:10.05]Tell your friend. [06:12.98]Hello,is Zhang Shan there? Speaking. [06:17.73]Oh,good,What subjects do we have on Wednesday afternoon? [06:23.01]Can you take a look at your notes? [06:26.48]Wait a minute.I need to turn down the radio a bit first. [06:31.52](Zhang Shan turns down the music in his room.) [06:36.28]What was it again? [06:40.04]Just tell me what's on Wednesday afternoon. [06:44.30]I see.There are tow periods of Maths and one PE class. [06:50.46]You know PE? Physical education. [06:54.54]Yeah.Thanks.Last semester we had PE on ?Tuesday. [07:00.78]I lide it on Wednesday. [07:03.84]Me too.I tend to be tired by then and ought to go out and do something. [07:10.00]In your Nike sneakers.Right.My favourite. [07:15.15]By the way,do you like your new schedule? [07:19.30]Well,remember we'll have tow periods of computer class [07:24.94]on Tuesday afternoon every other week. [07:28.91]I'm looking forward to that.That's something I like too. [07:34.16]Look,I need to get my schedule ready. [07:38.61]I'll talk to you later.Thanks for the help. [07:42.86]Sure.Bye. Bye. [07:46.42]Task 2 [07:49.58]1.Practise the dialogue in pairs. [07:55.22]2.Act out the dialogue in your own words. [08:00.99]3.Listen to two more short dialogues and fill in the blanks. [08:08.36]Dialogue 1 [08:11.73]A:Alice____.Is Mary______? [08:15.57]B:Hello,Alice.______a second.Mary,you are______. [08:22.05]Dialogue 2 [08:25.10]A:________please? [08:28.94]B:Sorry,she_______. [08:32.60]A:Could I______then? [08:35.84]B:Yes,please.But__________ [08:40.28]A:Marina. [08:42.92]9.Listen to the dialogue and write the correct information below. [08:50.29]Li Meng and his sister have finished dinner [08:54.75]and are now getting their school bags ready. [08:58.80]Listen to the dialogue and find out the required information. [09:04.84]Where's my maths book? It'll be my favourite subject this semester. [09:10.77]Why? you hate maths. [09:14.53]Not now.Mr.Chen will be teaching us.He is so good. [09:20.38]How do you know ? [09:23.25]My classmates heard he is a "star" teacher. [09:27.41]Maths class will be fun.I don't know .Hope you'll enjoy yourself. [09:34.46]I will.Have you got anything nice this semester? [09:39.79]Sure.I'll have computer class and our soccer team will have a new coach. [09:45.95]We'll train to win.You've got to run faster.I never see you run now. [09:52.30]I'm always a fast runner.My running is still hot. [09:57.47]Do you want to run new yourself? [10:01.13]I love it.The thing is girls tend to do "nice" things. [10:06.69]"Nice"?I don't know. Anyway,it's about time to go to bed.Good night,runner. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171201/515899.html