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舌尖上的中国第1季 第93期:五味的调和(15)

Chili pepper, native to South America, 五味里的"辣" 原本是"辛",泛指一切刺激性的味道 as well as ginger from Southeast Asia and Sichuan pepper, 原产于南美的辣椒,东南亚的姜和中国的花椒一样 are the most commonly used spices in Chinese kitchens. 都是中餐里最常用的辛辣味调料 Capsaicin and several related chemicals are the substances that give chili peppers their intensity. 辣味来自食材中的辣椒素等化学物质 它们刺激人体的细胞 When consumed, pain receptors in the mouth would send a message to the brain that the person has consumed something hot. 在大脑中形成类似于灼烧的微量刺激 这种感觉停留在舌头上时 Such burning sensation is a good appetite booster. 食欲得以激发 Chili pepper is the signature ingredient of Sichuan cuisine, 在川菜中 无论是作主料、辅料还是作调味料 be it used as a main ingredient, as a supplement ingredient, or as a seasoning. 辣椒都是宠儿 它给川菜烙上了鲜明的印记 People living in the Sichuan Basin know the best how to enjoy leisure best. 四川盆地生活着中国最闲适的人群 They have a relentless pursuit for the tastes of foods and a unique perception of chili pepper. 他们对味道的追求尤为独特 对辣椒的理解也各有心得 At the end of the autumn,others begin to dry their chili peppers. 秋末冬初 四川人让辣椒自然脱水 But Hu's peppers are still in the fields,fresh and shiny. 而在素琼的菜地里辣椒仍然闪着鲜亮的光泽 She deliberately delayed the planting and harvesting of her peppers 素琼特意推迟了 这一季辣椒的种植和采摘 so that they can be sold at better prices in the winter. 果然在冬季里卖出更好的价格 This is something that her husband appreciates and admires the most. 这种精明让她丈夫十分佩服 Fresh peppers draw the attention of one of their regular customers. 新鲜辣椒也招来了老主顾 I need those long and red ones. 长一点的,红一点的 The best and the reddest ones. 我就要这个好的 It's the best one. 我要这种"二荆条"要红亮的 Otherwise the color of the dishes would not be good. 这个是最好的,不然颜色出不来 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171130/515654.html