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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 4 What a weekend! [00:04.78]1.Listen,read and act. [00:10.34]LiMeng is discussing some weekend courese he would like to take with his classmates. [00:17.01]LiMeng:You know what? [00:19.57]My mum suggests I take some weekend courses so I can get ahead. [00:25.81]Which one do you think I should take? [00:29.57]Zhang Shan:English,Chinese composition and maths are popular. [00:34.74]They are the major courses people take anyway. [00:39.29]LiMeng:Which one would you take? [00:42.32]Zhang Shan:I think I'd take an English course.Will you come with me? [00:47.05]LiMeng:When is it scheduled? [00:50.31]Zhang Shan:Saturday morning,from 8:30 to 11:00. [00:54.75]LiMeng:If I go,we can help each other. [00:58.91]Zhang Shan:Exactly. [01:01.86]LiMeng:And we can go and play tennis in the afternoon together. [01:06.61]Zhang Shan:Sounds like a good plan. [01:09.77]LiMeng:But that's not all.I still need to find time for maths. [01:15.13]Zhang Shan:Why? LiMeng:I want to be strong in maths. [01:19.28]The Olympic Maths course is good. [01:23.23]Zhang Shan:When are you going to do that? [01:26.49]LiMeng:In my sleep.(laugh)No,I'm kidding.There's one on Friday evening. [01:32.84]Zhang Shan:Oh,what a schedule! [01:36.08]Can you find the weekend activities for LiMeng? [01:41.04]2.Listen and tick. [01:45.69]Listen to the announcement.Number the statements in the order you hear them. [01:52.46]The first one has been done for you. [02:21.71]7.Listen and act. [02:26.96]LiMeng and Xiaohong are talking about the assignments [02:32.03]they have to finish for their weekend courses. [02:36.40]LiMeng:What's that you are doing? [02:39.87]Xiaohong:I'm drawing flowers.Do they look nice? [02:44.52]It's from the Saturday art course. [02:48.28]LiMeng:Anything quiet is nice. [02:52.04]Xiaohong:Come on!I know you're doing your maths homework, [02:56.80]so I'll practice the piano later. [03:00.92]LiMeng:Thanks.You're so good. [03:04.69]Xiaohong:Can we stop talking?I'll never finish my flowers. [03:09.73]LiMeng:Right.We always get in each other's way. [03:14.30]11.Listen and act in pairs. [03:20.15]Xiaohong is in her room doing her homework when the phone rings. [03:25.92]Xiaohong:Hello?...Sorry,but he's not in.Shall I ask him to call back? [03:33.00]...Sure,bye.(Some time later,LiMeng returns home.) [03:40.16]There was a call for you from ZhangShan.Here's the message. [03:45.20]LiMeng:Thanks.(He picks up the phone) [03:49.88]LiMeng:Hello.It's me,LiMeng.What's up?...Sorry,no.Next time perhaps.Bye-bye. [03:58.63]Xiaohong:What is it? [04:01.19]LiMeng:He wants me to join him for a swim,but I still have piles of homework. [04:06.94]Xiaohong:That's because you always wait utill the last minute. [04:11.69]LiMeng:And that's because I'm quick. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171127/514733.html