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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 6 The preparations [00:04.60]1.Listen and practice in pairs. [00:10.24]LiMeng is asking a student counsellor,Mr.Wang, [00:15.52]about procedures for getting a passport and visa. [00:20.79]LiMeng:Good morning,Mr.Wang.May I ask you a few things? [00:25.94]Mr.Wang:Of course you may.What can I do for you? [00:30.41]LiMeng:It's like this.My sister and I want to study in a foreign high school [00:36.75]but we don't know yet what we need to get. [00:41.43]Mr.Wang:Have you applied to a foreign high school? [00:45.37]LiMeng:You mean write to a foreign school? [00:49.14]I did and they have sent me a form called an application form. [00:55.07]Mr.Wang:Ok.When you are accepted by that school,they'll send you another letter. [01:01.54]LiMeng:Then what? [01:04.60]Mr.Wang:Then you can go and apply for your passport and visa. [01:09.96]LiMeng:I know every going abroad carries a passport.But what is a visa? [01:16.43]Mr.Wang:A visa is what you get from a foreign embassy. [01:21.40]It allows you to go to that country. [01:25.66]LiMeng:I see.So a passport is from our country [01:30.41]and a visa is from a foreign country. [01:34.35]Both sides have to agree I can go. [01:38.93]Mr.Wang:You are so smart. [01:42.16]LiMeng:Thank you,Sir. [01:45.33]Can I ask you where to go for these things when I'm accepted by the school? [01:50.89]Mr.Wang:Of course.Any time. [01:54.23]4.Listen and practice in pairs. [02:00.40]LiMeng is calling Air China about baggage requirements for international flights. [02:07.66]Clerk:Good morning,Air Chia.Can I help you? [02:12.23]LiMeng:Yes.Can you tell me how heavy my suitcases can be? [02:17.98]Clerk:You mean baggage requirements. [02:22.05]Is it for a domestic flight or an international flight? [02:27.51]LiMeng:What is"domestic"? [02:30.86]Clerk:Inside China. [02:34.10]LiMeng:Oh,it's international. [02:37.86]Clerk:Are you going as a student or a tourist? [02:42.30]LiMeng:I'm going to study in a foreign school. [02:46.24]Clerk:You are allowed 30 kilos for your checked baggage [02:51.60]and 5 kilos for carry-on baggage the first time you travel abroad. [02:57.45]LiMeng:Just a minute.Let me make a note of that...OK,thanks.Bye. [03:04.29]Clerk:You're welcome.Goodbye. [03:07.85]5.Listen and read. [03:17.80]Culture shock [03:21.56]We often hear the sentence,"When in Rome,do as the Romans do." [03:28.20]This is indeed true when you are in a new culture. [03:33.45]You have to watch carefully not to make a fool of yourself. [03:38.51]Having dinner in western countries is quite different from that in China. [03:44.44]Courses come one after another. [03:48.99]First appetizers,then soup,next main course and finally dessert. [03:57.95]But in China,we always start with beer or wine,together with many cold dishes. [04:05.89]Then we have the hot dishes.Later on,we have soup and finally we have fruit. [04:13.15]If you learn what to expect,the differences are less of a shock or surprise. [04:20.23]In many western countries,if plates of food are placed on the table, [04:26.58]you should ask a person to pass the dish to [04:31.65]you instead of reaching for the dish by yourself [04:36.09]On receiving a gift from your foreigh friend, [04:40.66]you should open it immediately and tell them how beautiful the thing is [04:46.90]and express your thankfulness. [04:51.06]Most westerners pay a lot of attention to their own privacy. [04:56.70]They don't like people to inquire about their age,salary,weight, [05:03.36]marital status,home address and telephone numbers. [05:09.13]On the countary,Chinese people are interested in finding out people's salary, [05:16.08]marital status,age,weight and they are eager [05:22.74]to give you their home address and telephone numbers. [05:27.71]Westerners greet people by saying things like,"Beautiful day,isn't it?" [05:33.95]or"Terrible weather,isn't it?" [05:38.31]However,Chinese greetings are more likely to include quesstions such as, [05:44.87]"Have you eaten anything yet?"or"Where are you going?" [05:50.43]Westerners make apologies to anybody,their bosses,their co-workers, [05:57.41]their doctors,their hairdressers and even to their children. [06:03.57]Chinese people,however,mostly make apologies only to their bosses and their co-workers, [06:11.12]But not to their children or to others. [06:15.51]The more you lean English,the more you will find out [06:20.97]about the cultural differences between westerners and Chinese people. [06:27.32]Being aware of these differences makes you a better communicator [06:32.78]and may protect you from the shock and surprise [06:37.95]which may come from meeting these differences face to face. [06:43.41]Ask & answer the following questions in pairs. [06:48.66]1.At the dinner table, [06:53.10]what do you do when you want to get the dish at the other end? [06:58.46]2.What topics are considered"private"in western countries? [07:05.40]3.What sentences do westerners often use when they start their conversations? [07:13.35]4.What is the Chinese way of greeting each other? [07:19.12]5.Do westerners make apologies to the younger ones? [07:25.36]6.Listen and write. [07:30.12]Listen to the dialogue and fill in the blanks. [07:35.16]Dr.Berry:Sweetie,you know what? [07:38.61]When I arrived in Beijing for the first time,I made a _____mistake, [07:44.88]and I missed some very______food. [07:49.32]Mrs.Berry:How_______,Honey? [07:52.87]Dr.Berry:They served a lot of_______dishes when we were drinking__________. [07:58.72]There were so many dishes that I_________they were all we would have. [08:04.47]So I took a portion of each on my own________to enjoy myself. [08:10.34]Mrs.Berry:It must have been very delicious,huh?I love___________food! [08:16.20]Dr.Berry:Yeah,sure. [08:19.25]But the problem was they__________hot dishes after the cold dishes. [08:25.70]Mrs.Berry:My!I guess you were too_______to eat anything else. [08:31.16]Dr.Berry:Exactly.But I_________to taste all of them. [08:36.34]Very tasty!After that they served_________,rice,and dumplings. [08:43.70]The only thing I could do was to watch other people eating. [08:49.27]Mrs.Berry:Ha! Ha! Ha! [08:52.14]8.Listen and practice. [08:57.18]LiMeng and his sister are talking about collecting information for their trip. [09:03.56]Xiaohong:Now what do we still need to know? [09:07.40]LiMeng:Mum told me we should find out about the local weather and local time. [09:12.96]Xiaohong:What is that? [09:15.60]LiMeng:The weather and time in teh place where our school is. [09:20.46]Xiaohong:The weather is easy.We can go on-line and find out. [09:25.42]But why do we need the time?It's already on the airline ticket. [09:30.88]LiMeng:Sorry,I mean thetime difference. [09:34.93]Xiaohong:Oh,right.It might be a few hours earlier or later. [09:40.57]LiMeng:It depends on where you go. [09:44.12]Xiaohong:What are we waithing for now?Turn on the computer and have a look. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171126/514445.html