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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 7 What a flight! [00:04.18]1.Listen and practice in pairs. [00:10.34]LiMeng and Xiaohong are at airport.They now need to check in. [00:16.40]Clerk:Good morning.Can you give me your passport and airline ticket please? [00:21.73]LiMeng:Here you are.And these are my sister's.We're going together. [00:27.06]Clerk:Thank you.(The clerk goes through the passports and the tickets.) [00:33.33]Here you are.And these are your boarding passes. [00:38.09]Xiaohong:What about our baggage? [00:41.43]Clerk:Yes.Now can you put your baggage on the scale? Here,let me help you. [00:47.80]LiMeng:Thank you.Where will we see our baggage again? [00:52.66]Clerk:At your destination.That is,the place you want to go to. [00:58.23]You don't have to worry about them during your transfer. [01:03.19]See these labels here? [01:06.46]When you make your transfer in Shanghai,don't worry about your baggage. [01:12.31]Xiaohong:But what if it's lost? [01:15.86]Clerk:Usually it won't be. [01:19.23]I've stuck your baggage claim check on the back of your ticket. [01:24.38]Be sure not to lose that. [01:28.53]LiMeng:Is our baggage overweight? [01:32.08]Clerk:It's fine.Don't worry.Now,these are your seat numbers here,24C and 24D. [01:40.13]Xiaohong:Thank you.What should we do next? [01:44.07]Clerk:Next you need to go through an Immigration and Security Check. [01:49.04]LiMeng:I see.Thank a lot. [01:52.80]4.Listen to the dialogue and then fill in the blanks. [01:59.17]LiBing:Hello,this is LiBing.Who's______please? [02:04.03]MaQing:Hi,LiBing.This is Ma Qing. [02:07.58]LiBing:Oh,MaQing.______to talk with you.Where are you now? [02:12.44]MaQing:I'm in________D.C. [02:15.78]LiBing:I______you were at school in New York. [02:19.42]MaQing:You know what? [02:22.16]I decided to come to D.C.only yesterday and I got an______on the _______. [02:28.11]It's very convenient! [02:31.46]LiBing:Sounds_______.How did you do it? [02:35.09]MaQing:Well,it's quite simple.I_______in a website. [02:39.82]After finding the ticket with the _____price, [02:44.39]I typed in the number and PIN of my______. [02:48.93]Several minutes later,they sent me back a file with my________, [02:56.38]I____it out and it's my ticket,my e-ticket! When I went to the________, [03:03.22]they treated it the same as an ordinary ticket and gave me a_____. [03:09.18]Then it was done! [03:12.34]LiBing:That's marvelous.I'll buy an________next time. [03:17.51]Thank you for calling.________your trip there.Bye. [03:22.19]MaQing:Bye-bye. [03:24.75]5.Listen and practice the dialogue in pairs. [03:30.99]LiMeng and his sister are on the aeroplane. [03:35.85]Xiaohong:I'm thirsty.Aren't you thirsty? [03:40.00]LiMeng:A bit.I think they'll serve juice soon. [03:44.47]Xiaohong:But I just want some water. [03:48.13]LiMeng:Don't worry.You can ask them. [03:52.07]Xiaohong:Here's a menu.Want to choose what to eat for dinner? [03:57.24]LiMeng:You go ahead.I want to read this magazine. [04:01.61](Xiaohong reads the menu provided in the aeroplane.) [04:06.75]Xiaohong:I think I'll go for chicken.No,make it fish. [04:11.72]LiMeng:Now,if you put on your earphones, [04:15.76]you can enjoy that movie and I can do some quiet reading. [04:20.94]There's still some time before dinner. [04:24.70]Xiaohong:Ok. [04:27.26]9.Listen and practice the dialogue in pairs. [04:33.82]LiMeng and Xiaohong have arrived in Australia [04:38.57]and are going through customs and immigration. [04:43.32]LiMeng:It's a good thing we found our baggage so soon. [04:47.69]Xiaohong:What are we going to do now? [04:51.16]LiMeng:Get your passport and other things ready. [04:55.24]The offcer over there will look at them. [04:59.00]Xiaohong:Look!There's a big dog over there.What is it doing? [05:04.35]LiMeng:Don't you know?Dogs have a good nose. [05:08.79]If someone carries drugs or something,dogs can tell right away. [05:14.36]Xiaohong:LiMeng.There's a sign over there.See? [05:18.82]Have we got fruits or plants or anything like that? [05:23.37]LiMeng:Of course we haven't.I hope we can get everything done quickly. [05:28.93]The home-stay family should be waithing for us outside. [05:33.48]Xiaohong:Oh,yeah.Where are their photos? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171126/514444.html