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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Uint 5 Cooking fun [00:04.49]1.Listen and talk in pairs. [00:09.85]Where do you learn to cook?At home,I guess. [00:14.89]Do you know you can take cooking lessons at school in Australia? [00:20.24]The classroom looks like a big kitchen.Surprise! [00:26.49]LiMeng:Xiaohong,I'll be out playing soccer. [00:30.75]Will you take a message for me if Peter calls? [00:35.00]Xiaohong:OK,I have to finish this letter here anyway. [00:39.97]LiMeng:A letter?To whom? [00:43.34]Xiaohong:A friend.I want to tell her about our Home Economics Class. [00:49.08]She'll be so surprised to learn that we are taking cooking lessons here in Australia. [00:55.64]LiMeng:We can hold a party and cook lots of things for them when we get back. [01:01.81]Xiaohong:That's what I have in mind too. [01:05.78]LiMeng:So are you writing down the food and drink we've learnt to make? [01:10.74]Xiaohong:Not just those,I'm also writing about the classroom. [01:16.09]Could she imagine our classroom is like a big kitchen with so many sets of ovens [01:22.86]sinks,cookers,knives and other things? [01:27.54]LiMeng:Oh,tell her about the pineapple and banana drink you've learnt to make. [01:32.89]Xiaohong:Oh,yesk,so she can try that too. [01:37.25]LiMeng:I hope your friend won't think we are here having fun only. [01:42.61]Xiaohong:Don't worry.I'm also sending her a copy of the cooking terms we've learnt. [01:48.36]I wish all the English classes could be taught this way. [01:53.32]5.Listen,read and act. [01:58.28]Xiaohong has just learned how to make pizza and wants to make one at home. [02:04.63]Xiaohong:Er,mum,what are you cooking for dinner this evening? [02:09.67]Mrs,Davis:Is there something you'd like to eat? [02:13.83]Xiaohong:Not really.I've just learned how to make pizza at school,so.... [02:20.30]Mrs.Davis:Let me guess.You want to make a pizza for us? [02:25.76]Xiaohong:Well,I don't know it I can make a good one. [02:30.31]Mrs.Davis:Sure you can,as long as you follow a recipe. [02:35.59]Xiaohong:OK.Here's the recipe.It's for a vegetarian pizza. [02:41.46]Mrs.Davis:Now let's see what ingredients we need... [02:46.01]6.Listen and read. [02:50.97]Making a fruit salad [02:54.45]Sitting on a rocking chair outside on a hot summer evening [02:59.91]and gazing at the stars in the sky [03:03.75]Frank can't help thinking of doing something. [03:08.71]Reading?No,the light is too dim.Sleeping? [03:15.37]No,he might get cold.How about having some fruit salad? [03:21.72]Yes,that's a wonderful idea. [03:25.79]But he has to make it by himself,because his parents are out, [03:30.94]visiting some friends. [03:34.31]He quickly dashed to the kitchen and started to make a fruit salad. [03:39.35]He had no idea about how to make a fruit salad. [03:44.31]But he once stood by his parents,watching them do it. [03:49.17]This little experience urged him to try by himself. [03:54.03]Without any hesitation,he first took out an apple, [03:59.20]a banana and an orange from a refrigerator. [04:03.96]Then he washed each fruit careflly and put them on a chopping board. [04:09.52]Next,he cut up the apple,bananaa and orange into small chunks. [04:15.58]Later on,he put them in a large bowl. [04:19.84]In order to make the salad taste better, [04:23.78]he added some pineapple juice and mixed it in well with the fruit. [04:29.24]Yummy!It smelled so good that he scooped some up and ate it. [04:35.62]He couldn't wait any longer and was about to bring the salad he made outside. [04:41.86]Suddenly,he stopped. [04:45.23]He put down the large bowl and got himself a small plate [04:50.59]and scooped some onto the small plate. [04:54.71]He left the large bowl on the table. [04:58.68]He wanted to save some fruit salad for his parents. [05:03.23]Outside,the stars were still shining brightly. [05:08.19]Eating the fruit salad made by himself,Frank felt very pleased. [05:14.54]That was the first time he made fruit salad. [05:18.90]He felt a sense of achievement. [05:22.56]He secretly decided that he would try some more times in the future [05:28.33]and make some better fruit salad. [05:32.38]10.Listen and answer the questions. [06:58.32]11.Listen,read and act. [07:03.29]Did you know that to make a pizza you need to measure all the ingredients? [07:09.77]What do people use to measure the ingredients?Read this dialogue and find out. [07:16.82]Xiaohong:First we need 1 cup of self-raising flour. [07:21.89]Mrs.Davis:We've got that.And next is milk.How much is needed? [07:27.63]Xiaohong:100 millilitres.That's about half a cup,isn't it? [07:33.09]Mrs.Davis:Yes,about that. [07:36.93]We also need a tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon of oil. [07:43.10]Xiaohong:Oh,I know. [07:46.26]This larger one is a tablespoon and the smaller one a teaspoon. [07:52.42]Mrs.Davis:That's right.Now,what else is there? [07:57.10]Xiaohong:One teaspoon of basil and... [08:01.83]Mrs.Davis:I think we've got them all in our kitchen. [08:06.27]This is a recipe for a small pizza for two people. [08:11.13]Why don't you give it a try first?I'll make a bigger one with some meat on top. [08:17.79]Xiaohong:Well,OK.Now where can I find the flour? [08:22.47]12.Listen,read and learn. [08:27.92]Cutlery Dinner knife Dinner fork Dinner spoon [08:35.79]Coffee spoon Sauce ladle Salad serving spoon Salad serving fork [08:45.14]Meat fork,large Cake server Pastry fork Dessert fork [08:54.20]Dessert knife Dessert spoon Meat fork,small Fish fork [09:02.38]Fish knife Tea spoon Mocha spoon soup spoon [09:10.32]13.Listen,read and chant. [09:15.57]I am a little teapot,short and stout. [09:21.01]Here is my handle,here is my spout. [09:26.05]When I get all steamed up,hear me shout,tip me over and pour me out. [09:34.09]15.Let's sing. [09:37.93]Everybody was working. [09:41.46]Yesterday afternoon at five o'clock I was staying at home,I was staying at home. [09:57.52]My mother was cooking and I was reading a book. [10:03.90]Everybody was working,everybody was working. [10:10.56]Yesterday evening at six o'clock I was having my supper,I was having my supper. [10:22.03]My father was watching TV while he was reading a paper. [10:28.79]Everbody was working,everybody was working. [10:35.74]Yesterday evening at seven o'clock I was staying in my bedroom, [10:47.11]I was staying in my bedroom. [10:53.35]Everybody was working,everybody was working. [11:00.30]Yesterday evening at ei9ght o'clock I was doing my homework, [11:09.54]I was doing my homework. [11:13.91]My mother was washing and my father was working. [11:20.54]Everybody was working,everybody was working. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171125/514150.html