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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 8 Meet the home-stay family [00:05.20]1.listen,read and act. [00:10.84]LiMeng and Xiaohong have gone through all the procedures at the airport [00:16.80]and now they are out looking for the-stay family [00:21.66]who are supposed to be meeting them there. [00:25.73]LiMeng:Here.I've got Mr.and Mrs.Daveis'photo in my satchel.Let's see... [00:32.29]Xiaohong:There's no need.I remember both of them have short hair. [00:38.35]Mrs.Davis has got brown hair and Mr.Davis dark hair. [00:43.91]He's also got glasses on. [00:47.57]LiMeng:I know.Just keep your eyes open and look hard. [00:52.85](A man walks up to them.Behingd him are a woman and a teenage boy.) [00:59.51]Mr.Davis:I suppoe you must be LiMeng and this little girl must be Xiaohong. [01:06.35]Xiaohong:Yes,we are.Are you,um,Mr....? [01:11.21]Mr.Davis:Mr.Davis.And this is my wife,Mrs.Davis. [01:16.98]LiMeng:Hello!Mrs.Davis.Nice to meet you at last. [01:21.95]Xiaohong:Nice to meet you,Mrs.Davis. [01:25.79]Mrs.Davis:Nice to meet you,kids. [01:29.63]We've been looking forward to seeing you for so long and now at last,here you are. [01:36.26]Mr.Davis:And kids,this is our son,Daniel. [01:40.70]He is the same age as you,LiMeng.Both of you are 14. [01:46.55]You two are going to have a lot of fun together. [01:50.99]Daniel:Hi!LiMeng. [01:53.95]LiMeng:Hi!I didn't expect you to be so big. [01:58.70]Daniel:And you look bigger than I thought.And you must be Xiaohong. [02:04.26]Xiaohong:Hello. [02:07.32]Mr.Davis:Now,let me find a luggage cart [02:11.16]and we can push your luggage to our van over there in the car park. [02:16.72]You folks have come a long way and must be exhausted now.Come on,let's go. [02:23.28]3.Listen and fill in the blanks. [02:28.56]Jet Lag [02:31.43]Wang Ming:I'm_____ ______after the long flight.I need to sleep for a while. [02:37.36]LiHong:Me too,but I won't go to bed yet.It's____ _______. [02:42.69]WangMing:Aren't you__________? [02:45.56]LiHong:I am,but I'll______ ___________too early if I go to sleep now. [02:50.92]WangMing:Yes,the_________is different here. [02:54.58]LiHong:It's evening now in Beijing,so your______tells you to go to bed. [03:00.22]WangMing:Then what shall I do? [03:03.69]WangMing:OK then,I won't go to bed until it's_________. [03:10.96]4.Listen and practice in pairs. [03:16.41]LiMeng,Xiaohong and the home-stay family get into van and head towards home. [03:23.96]LiMeng and Daniel sit next to each other and start to talk. [03:30.13]Daniel:Dad told me you like soccer.Is that true? [03:34.39]LiMeng:Yeah.It's exciting.All the goals.I'm a forward in the team back in China. [03:41.94]Daniel:Oh,great!I'msure our coach will be glad to hear that. [03:47.29]LiMeng:Coach?What's that? [03:50.84]Daniel:A coach,you know,is just like a teacher [03:55.28]but he tells you how to play soccer. [03:59.05]LiMeng:Oh,I see.Right.The coach is an important man.What's his name? [04:05.50]Daniel:Mr.Hudson.He is good but strict. [04:10.17]He always talks about discipline and fair play. [04:14.72]LiMeng:What do you mean? [04:17.59]Daniel:I mean he always wants us to follow the rules in the game. [04:22.64]LiMeng:Sounds reasonable. [04:25.48]6.Listen and read. [04:30.24]Home-stay families [04:33.89]Arriving in a new country is an exciting but challenging experience. [04:40.24]International students arriving in Australia [04:44.97]should learn about the Australian culture, [04:49.36]which is often very different from their own. [04:54.22]To help students cope with the new environment, [04:59.18]many Australian home-stay families provide the new comers with a warm, [05:05.84]caring,friendly and interesting home. [05:10.70]Home-stays are good for any student who wants to learn English, [05:16.55]but they are especially good for younger strdents. [05:21.28]In a home-stay sitration,students'English will improve quickly. [05:27.47]Living with an English speaking family is noe of the best ways [05:32.62]to learn everyday English vocabulary. [05:37.06]Students also learn about Australian family life and culture. [05:42.91]Learning about culture is a big part of language learning. [05:48.47]A home-stay sitration involves students directly in the home environment [05:55.03]and gives them a realistic understanding of Australian lifestyle and language. [06:02.00]Howevr,not every family can be a home-stay family. [06:07.57]They must be carefully selected. [06:11.51]All host families are asked to provide the following: [06:16.56]* Aprivate,single bedroom for the strdent [06:21.00]* Laundry facilities that are not coin operated [06:26.77]* A well-lit study area [06:30.61]* 3 meals a day [06:33.95]Meanwhile,the following considerations are also very important [06:39.60]for the home-stay families: [06:43.07]* Cleanliness of the home [06:46.41]* Warmth and care shown by the family [06:50.85]* The closeness of the home to the school [06:55.40]* Easy and convenient transportation [06:59.84]* English is the only language spoken at home. [07:05.12]9.Liaten,read and act. [07:10.47]Mrs.Davis is talking with Xiaohong about Australian family structure [07:16.95]while they're on their way home. [07:20.48]Mrs.Davis:Did you have a good flight? [07:23.72]Xiaohong:It was fine.I slept quite a lot and saw an interesting movie. [07:29.67]Mrs.Davis:Good.Wait till we get home,you can give your mum [07:35.24]and dad a call so they will stop worrying. [07:39.68]Xiaohong:Oh,thank you,Mrs.Davis. [07:43.44]Mrs.Davis:Call me mum,if you like. [07:46.91]I'm about the same age as your mum [07:50.99]and I'll take care of you two just like your mum. [07:55.35]Xiaohong:Ok,Mum.It's good to be in a family. [08:00.21]It will help me to stop getting homesick.Are there just five of us in the family? [08:06.97]Mrs.Davis:Well,yes,if we don't include grandma.She lives not far from us. [08:13.45]You see,usually in a family there are just parents and children. [08:19.20]I guess it's the same back in China.Right? [08:23.35]Xiaohong:Yes,usually.But some people also live together with their grandparents. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171125/514146.html