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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 9 Settle in"the home-stay home" [00:05.30]1.Listen,read and act. [00:10.58]Act 1 [00:13.43]LiMeng,Xiaohong,Daniel and Mr.Davis [00:19.17]are in the van going from the airport back home. [00:24.14]Mr.Davis is driving.The others are talking together. [00:30.09]LiMeng and Xiaohong are attracted by what they see outside. [00:35.97]LiMeng:Look at these houses.Aren't they colourful? [00:40.33]Xiaohong:Yes,pink roof,orange roof,green,brown... [00:47.10]They are all nice-looking. [00:50.34]Mrs.Davis:Yeah.The houses here are all different. [00:55.20]What do houses look like back in China? [00:59.56]LiMeng:Well,many people actually live in apartments. [01:05.20]They all look different inside [01:08.68]but from the outside we don't see so many different designs. [01:14.00]Mr.Davis:That's true. [01:17.04]It's more difficult for the architects to make each apartment look different. [01:22.89]Xiaohong:Look at all the trees and flowers.They look so refreshing. [01:28.24]Daniel:Yeah.Don't they? [01:31.40]We've got trees and flowers in front of our house [01:36.44]and a big garden at the back of it. [01:40.08]Do you like gardening? [01:43.24]Xiaohong:I love it.I've always wanted to grow something but we have no place. [01:49.69]We've only got a few a few indoor plants. [01:53.84]Mrs.Davis:Good.I've also got some herbs growing there too. [01:59.41]You can try them later in the salad. [02:03.27]LiMeng:Herbs?Do you mean some medicine sort of thing? [02:08.31]Mrs.Davis:(laughing)No.They are some plants you can eat. [02:13.67]You'll see them later. [02:16.91]Mr.Davis:Here we are.This is our home.Do you like it? [02:21.48]Xiaohong:It's wonderful. [02:25.03]5.Listen and retell the story. [02:30.78]Act 2 [02:34.02]LiMeng is going to share a room with Daniel [02:38.85]and Xiaohong has got a room of her own. [02:43.58]They are moving into the rooms.Mrs.Davis and Daniel are helping them. [02:49.95]Mrs.Davis:LiMeng.you will share a room with Daniel.Is that all right? [02:55.20]LiMeng:That's good.We can have more time to talk. [02:59.85]Daniel:Yeah.You cna help me learn Chinese [03:04.01]and I'll help you with English and other things. [03:08.26]Our room is upstairs,to the left. [03:12.34]Mrs.Davis:I'm glad you like the arrangenment. [03:16.70]Now,Xiaohong,you will have a room of your own. [03:21.38]It's also upstairs,to the right. [03:25.43]Xiaohong:Thanks,mum.(Mrs.Davis drags a suitcase into Xiaohong's room) [03:32.40]Mrs.Davis:Now,here we are. [03:35.75]This is your bed,you dresser,chest of drawers,and the closet. [03:42.12]You can put your suitcase in the closet and your clothes in the drawers. [03:48.18]You will have to share the bathroom with the two boys. [03:52.83]Xiaohong:That's fine with me.Now,I think I will unpack. [03:58.39]Mrs,Davis:Right.Let us know if you need any help,dear. [04:03.36]7.Listen,read and think. [04:08.71]Want to live in a house or an apartment? [04:12.97]Do you want to live in a house or an apartment? [04:17.72]Maybe it's not up to you to decide where to live. [04:23.05]In fact,buying a house or buying an apartment [04:28.09]largely depends on the family's income,needs and lifestyle. [04:34.44]A house usually has a front yard and a backyard [04:40.01]where the house owner plants many trees,grss and beautiful flowers. [04:47.14]In the back yard,there may be an open space for a family picnic. [04:52.49]On a cool summer eveing, [04:56.33]parents and/or grandparents may sit in picnic chairs in the back yard, [05:03.39]watching their children play games or play with their family dog. [05:09.26]However,houses are very expensive and not everyone can afford a house. [05:16.53]Townhouses are a bit different. [05:20.47]They are individually owned,but physically attached to other townhouses. [05:27.84]They are usually two or three stories,and may have a small yard attached. [05:34.50]Townhouses are usually less expensive than houses, [05:39.83]because there is sometimes no private garden [05:44.66]and one or more walls are shared with other families. [05:50.09]An apartment or a flat is usually located in a high-rise building. [05:56.34]On each level,there can be several apartments or flats with one street address. [06:03.00]People living in this building can often meet each other and have friendly talks. [06:09.35]But when it's rush hour,the lift can get very crowded. [06:14.62]Some people may have to wait for a long time to get out of the building. [06:20.37]The good part,however,is that most people can easily afford [06:26.22]to live in a flat or in an apartment. [06:30.79]10.Listen,practice and act. [06:36.54]Act 3 [06:39.60]After they have settled in, [06:43.07]Mrs.Davis explains a few house rules to LiMeng and Xiaohong. [06:49.63]Mrs.Davis:You two look so refreshed now after a shower. [06:54.38]LiMeg:Thanks. [06:57.54]Mrs.Davis:Now,here is some orange juice. [07:01.69]Take a glass and there are a few things I'd like you to know.A few house rules. [07:07.94]Xiaohong:House rules? [07:10.81]Mrs.Davis:Yeah.Things you can do and can't do. [07:15.54]A few do's and don'ts,if you will. [07:19.48]Now,first,be sure to tell me your whereabouts [07:24.45]if you don't come home right away after school. [07:29.12]You see,otherwise,we will worry about you. [07:33.67]LiMeng:Yes.We'll remember that.What's our home phone number? [07:39.26]Mrs.Davis:Don't worry.I'll give it to you later. [07:43.62]Now,second,there will be no night out on weekdays. [07:49.19]You should get back before 6:00 p.m. [07:53.44]Xiaohong:Before 6:00. [07:56.68]Mrs.Davis:Right.And on weekends you can go out with your friends [08:02.04]but still you should get back before 9:00 p.m. [08:06.90]LiMeng:Ok.Sounds fine.We'll remember them. [08:11.47]13.Listen and find the information. [08:17.32]A:Excuse me.I am new.Can you tell me_________? [08:23.80]B:Yes,go_________,then________at the traffic light. [08:30.15]You can see the library___________. The supermarket is___________. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171125/514145.html