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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 10 The first day at school [00:04.88]1.Listen,read and act. [00:10.32]It's the first day for LiMeng and Xiaohong at their new high school. [00:16.17]They are learning about the school's layout with Daniel's help. [00:21.63]LiMeng:This is a beautiful campus.Look at the lawn. [00:26.38]Daniel:Yeah.And over there next to the white building are our classrooms. [00:32.03]The white one is our library, [00:36.08]but you'll also find the snack bar and cafeteria there. [00:40.83]LiMeng:Are you hungry for food or for books now? [00:45.19]Daniel:Both.But give me food first every time. [00:50.16]Xiaohong:Do we have all our classes in the building where our classrooms are? [00:55.82]Daniel:Most of them,yes. [00:59.27]But for your P.E.,you knoiw,physical education,you need to go to the gym. [01:05.54]That's the building to the right of the library. [01:09.69]And for your Home Economics class, [01:13.64]you go to the orange-roofed building to the left of the library. [01:18.68]Xiaohong:I see.It's not that difficult to locate these places. [01:24.24]Daniel:No.Oh,here comes a friend of mine.Hi,Ted! How are you doing? [01:30.41]Meet my friends from China here,LiMeng and Li Hong.They are brother and sister. [01:36.76]Ted:Hi!I heard that you guys were coming.How do you like it here? [01:42.09]LiMeng:Oh,this is a lovely school.Daniel is showing us around.We... [01:48.36]Daniel:Sorry to in terrupt, [01:51.41]but I'm afraid I need to show our friends where the computer lab [01:57.05]and the science lab are located. [02:00.82]I'll talk to you later,Ted. [02:04.37]Ted:Yeah,right.I'll go and see Mrs.Nelson.See you guys later. [02:10.01]2.Listen to the dialogue and find the location. [03:36.48]3.Let's sing. I have a happy school life [03:44.24]I have a happy school life. [04:09.08]I go to school in the morning.The sun is bright and the birds are singing. [04:18.14]English,Maths,Chinese and Sciences are my favourite subjects for learning. [04:31.91]I learn how to use the computer and learn many new things in the library. [04:40.58]I talk with my friends and play all kinds of games.School life is interesting. [04:52.41]I feel I am as smart as a wizard.I feel I am as happy as a bird. [05:01.09]I have a happy school life.I have a happy school life. [06:30.27]4.Listen and act. [06:42.02]Xiaohong joins the other year 8 students in her class [06:47.38]and has made some new friends during the break. [06:52.06]Irena:Hi!I'm Irena.Have I got your name right? Li Hong? [06:57.02]Xiaohong:Yes.That's right.You can call me Xiaohong,if you like. [07:01.98]Irena:Ok,Now,Xiaohong,this is my friend Dorothy. [07:06.74]Xiaohong:Hi!You've got beautiful long hair. [07:11.41]Dorothy:Thanks.I love long hair, [07:15.57]but mum is always saying it's taking too much time,especially when I go swimming. [07:22.33]Xiaohomg:You like swimming? That's great. [07:26.59]I like swimming too,the back stroke,the free style... [07:32.05]Irena:That means we can go swimming together some time. [07:36.49]I hate to go by mayself. Xiaohong:Good idea. [07:40.96]7.Listen and read. [07:46.00]Counsellors in high schools [07:50.07]Traching and managing high school students'study processes [07:56.24]has been a headache for parents all over the world. [08:01.38]Yet,in Australia and some other countries, [08:06.43]it's been made much easier because of the hard work of school counsellors. [08:13.09]High school counsellors greatly help strdents and their parents to achieve their goals. [08:19.85]Counsellors have been providing useful advice on many topics, [08:25.91]such as how to make students'life and study easier, [08:31.09]how to prepare and choose a college [08:35.63]and how to deal with everyday tensions and more. [08:40.91]Well-trained school counsellors are welcomed everwhere [08:46.37]because they offer professional service both for students and their parents. [08:53.03]Look at the following topics [08:57.39]and tick the numbers you want to be helped by your school counsellors with. [09:03.16]1.You grow less than many of your classmates [09:09.22]and you are often talked about by your classmates. [09:14.08]2.You can't concentrate on your studies because of friendship problems. [09:21.53]3.You often make minor mistakes in your written tests [09:27.09]and in fact you know that you could receive a better mark,but you haven't. [09:32.97]4.You don't like to study maths, [09:37.65]but maths is one of the key subjects in university entrance exams. [09:43.50]5.You lent your friend some money for a certain time [09:50.26]but you are shy to ask him/her for the money back. [09:55.59]6.You are angry with your mum who has read your diary. [10:01.86]7.You fought with your classmate the other day [10:07.43]and you don't know how you can be excused. [10:11.97]8.You are spoiled in the family [10:16.02]and you can't stand the way your classmates treat you. [10:21.30]9.You often spend time with a student whose scores are the lowest in your class. [10:29.34]You don't know whether it is right to hang out with him. [10:34.20]10.Your parents hope that you could study medicine, [10:39.56]but you don't want to study it at all. [10:43.71]9.Listen and act out the dialogue. [10:49.67]It's lunch time.LiMeng and Daniel are having lunch with some other students. [10:56.74]LiMeng:This sandwich tastes great. [11:00.79]Daniel:Mum always makes great sandwiches and all kinds of other meals too. [11:06.46]She's got heaps of cookbooks and she loves trying out new recipes too. [11:12.91]LiMeng:That's good luck for us. Daniel:Yeah. [11:16.78]By the way,this is my good friend,Bob. [11:20.91]We're in the same soccer team. [11:24.36]LiMeng:Hi,Bob.I'm LiMeng.I just came to this school today. [11:29.92]Daniel has been talking about you guys for a long time now, [11:34.96]it's good to have you here. [11:38.31]Daniel:Guess what?LiMeng is a forward.That's just what we need. [11:44.08]LiMeng:I'm really looking forward to playing soccer here. [11:48.34]Bob:Now that's great news.Mr.Hudson will be glad to hear that. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171124/513860.html