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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 11 At the library [00:04.28]1.Listen and practice in pairs. [00:10.21]LiMeng and Daniel are in the library. [00:14.68]Daniel is trying to explain how to use the on-line catalogue to search for books. [00:21.63]Daniel:You know there are lots of books here in the library [00:26.20]and the quickest way to find what you need is to use the on-line catalogue. [00:32.55]LiMeng:Well,I've been using the search engine for the info I need, [00:38.11]but I haven't used the no-line catalogue much.Can we do it once here? [00:44.15]Daniel:Sure.There's a computer right there... [00:48.51]See here,Quick Catalogue Search? [00:52.87]LiMeng:Yeah?What shall we look for? [00:56.95]Daniel:How about sports?I think you'll be interested in that one. [01:02.09]LiMeng:Yes.Let's see what we can find on-line. [01:07.37]What do we select for Search Type? [01:11.42]Daniel:Let's see.Keyword,Subject.I think we should go for keyword. [01:18.86]Let's type in the two words and click the Go button. [01:23.62]LiMeng:Oh,there are only two records found. [01:28.16]I'm sure there's a lot more on the topic. [01:32.32]Daniel:In that case let's try again.See these buttons here? [01:37.96]Let's try Modify Search. [01:41.59]LiMeng:Oh,no.So much trouble. [01:45.53]Daniel:Yeah,it's a bit hard but, [01:49.61]if you take your time,you can narrow down your search [01:54.96]and get what you need more quickly. [01:58.62]LiMeng:You may be right.I used to spend so much time on-line... [02:04.19]2.Fill in the information chart. [02:10.43]Listen to the dialogue again [02:14.50]and find information about using the on-line catalogue. [03:33.97]3.Listen and read. [03:38.70]How to use a library? What is a library? [03:45.33]A library is a place to find information and do research, [03:50.66]a place for lifelong learning. [03:54.92]Most libraries,whether private or public ones,are homes to an abundance of books, [04:02.47]plus many other valuable resources. [04:07.01]In addition to printed materials, [04:11.45]libraries can often offer audiotapes and videocassettes, [04:17.20]as well as computers and e-resources. [04:22.19]Many libraries also sponsor special programs,including children's story hours, [04:30.13]summer reading programs,homework help and diverse seminars. [04:37.19]As a newcomer to the library, [04:41.31]you might have some difficulties in finding the right book and borrowing it. [04:47.48]The following steps will tell you how to use a library. [04:52.62]Finding and borrowing the right book: [04:57.20]1.Apply for a borrower's Card and become a memeber. [05:03.44]2.If you know which book you want,have your book title or author's name ready. [05:11.09]3.Use indexes. [05:16.55]4.Find the book or books in the library catalogue. [05:23.11]5.Present your card and the book or books to the librarian. [05:30.37]If you want to do some research,you can also use the WWW resources. [05:38.52]If necessary,you can make some photocopies. [05:43.56]If you can't find certain information or if you are confused with what to do, [05:50.62]ask a librarian for help. [05:54.87]Although libraries welcome readers and may have special facilities for them, [06:01.74]there are some guidelines for behaviour which readers are supposed to observe: [06:08.09]1.Library books are everybody's property and should be treated carefully. [06:15.85]2.Be sure to find out the library's policies regarding loan periods [06:23.61]and fines for overdue books. [06:27.97]Many people believe that a library is a door [06:33.74]into which you are led to gain an understanding of science,nature and people. [06:40.88]4.Listen and practice in pairs. [06:47.82]LiMeng wants to borrow a few books. [06:53.00]A librarian is explaining the check-out procedures. [06:58.56]LiMeng:Excuse me.I'm a new student and I want to borrow a few books. [07:05.22]Librarian:Yes?Have you got your student ID? [07:10.08]LiMeng:I've got a few cards here.Let me see which is which. [07:15.72]Libraring:The one in your left hand is the ID card.Can I have a look? [07:21.50]LiMeng:Sure.Here you are. [07:25.05]Librarian:Good.Now,are these the books you want to borrow? [07:30.51]LiMeng:That's right. [07:33.56]Librarian:Let me just scan them for you and then you can take them out. [07:38.89]But remember the date when they are due. [07:43.44]Otherwise,you'll have to pay a fine for overdue books. [07:49.08]LiMeng:Thanks.I'll keep that in mind. [07:53.44]5.Listen and write. [07:59.01]Listen to the tape and write out the missing parts. [08:05.25]Then number them according to the sequence. [08:50.02]7.Listen and practice it in pairs. [08:56.87]Xiaohong is in the lounge room with Mrs.Davis [09:02.43]and is talking about her library experience. [09:07.58]Mrs.Davis:Did you have a good time at school today? [09:12.75]Xiaohong:Yes.I got so many things done. [09:17.19]Mrs.Davis:Like what? Xiaohong:Well,I had all my classes, [09:22.23]then I went to the school library and checked out a few books. [09:27.69]Mrs.Davis:Oh?What books? Xiaohong:Different kinds. [09:32.45]The books in the library are all displayed on the bookshelves [09:37.72]and I just looked through them and grabbed a few. [09:42.77]Mrs.Davis:If you're ever looking for certain books on one topic, [09:48.04]say for a school assingnment,maybe you can first use the on-line catalogue [09:54.89]and then locate them on the shelves. [09:58.96]Each book's got a number on it.The call number,you know. [10:04.32]Xiaohong:Oh,yeah.Right.I'll try that next time.Thanks. [10:10.56]10.Let's chant. I'm going to... [10:18.21]I'm going to the market.I'm going to buy a toothbrush. [10:30.78]I'm going to the library.I'm going to read some books. [10:37.13]I'm going to the barber's.I'm going to have my hair cut. [10:44.21]I'm going to the cinema.I'm going to watch a movie. [10:50.87]I'm going to have dinner.I'm going to sleep in bed. [10:57.53]I'm going to school.I'm going to learn English. [11:06.91]I'm going to the zoo.I'm going to see some monkeys. [11:13.57]I'm going to the playground.I'm going to play football. [11:20.41]I'm going home.I'm going to take a shower. [11:26.97]I'm going to have dinner.I'm going to sleep in bed. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171124/513859.html