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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 11 Shop till you drop [00:05.69]1.Listen,read and practice in pairs. [00:12.75]Do you like to go shopping?Do you "shop till you drop? [00:19.10]What kinds of stores do you like to drop by? [00:23.95]Do you often watch out for big sales? [00:28.92]Today LiMeng,Xiaohong [00:33.49]Daniel and Louise are at Rundle Mall going through the stores. [00:40.93]LiMeng:I'm thinking of a pair of sunglasses.Which store is good? [00:46.99]Daniel:OPSM is good.They have a big collection. [00:52.64]Shall we go and look around? [00:56.19]Xiaohong:I hope they are running a sale this weekend. [01:00.45]Louise:They sometimes do,but not on the"hot"ones [01:05.31](They go into OPSM at 29 Rundle Mall.) [01:12.07]Daniel:Look here.They have the big brands--Calvin Klein,DKNY,Guess,Nike and.... [01:23.02]LiMeng:I like this oval-shaped pair.I wonder how much they are [01:28.45]Assistant:Would you like to try them on?It's the latest design. [01:33.70]Kind of cool this summer.(LiMeng triem on) [01:38.98]Xiaohong:They look cute.Are they on sale? [01:43.84]Assistant:Sorry,Miss.But these here are on sale.They're $20 less now. [01:50.68]Would you like to put these on and see how they look? [01:55.54]LiMeng:No,thanks.Here you are.We'll just look around first. [02:01.42]Daniel,shall we ask what other stores the girls want to drop into? [02:06.88]Daniel:Right.Louise,I remember you and Xiaohong were talking about bags. [02:12.94]Which stores do you have in mind? [02:16.70]Louise:The Myer Centre is worth going to. [02:20.85]It's got many stores which have really cool designs. [02:26.60]Xiaohong:Oh,yes.I remember going there once and buying a nice pendant for $16. [02:33.68]Louise:Wait!Where's my purse?It's not in my bag.It's got $100 in it! [02:40.76]7.Listen,read and act. [02:46.61]What would you do if you found your purse or wallet missing? [02:52.28]Would you report it to the police? How would you desCRIbe the incident? [02:58.81]Let's see how these boys and girls do it. [03:03.54]Officer:Now,kids.Tell me about the stores you've been to this afternoon. [03:09.31]Xiaohong:We first stopped at a kiosk which makes great drinks and got some juice each. [03:15.87]And then... [03:19.21]Louise:Then we went into Westco Jeans.After that,I suppose we went into Jeanswest. [03:26.08]LiMeng:After looking at the jeans,we walked up the street and went into OPSM. [03:32.32]Xiaohong:Wait.Between the jeans stores,we also visited a shoe store. [03:38.20]Louise:Then at OPSM I found my purse gone. [03:43.24]Officer:OK.Do you remember what was inside your purse? [03:48.39]Louise:I had my strdent ID card,my bank card, [03:52.83]my bus ticket and $100 which I just withdrew from an ATM this afternoon. [03:59.99]Xiaohong:Just a minute.I recall you trying on a pair of jeans. [04:05.45]You dropped your keys on the floor.Did you drop your purse as well? [04:11.09]12.Listen and read. [04:16.65]Big and little sales [04:21.09]Every year,shop owners,supermarket managers [04:26.84]and whole sale and retail businesspeople offer several big sales [04:33.08]to their customers in order to sell more goods. [04:38.36]The sales may be during holidays,such as New Year's Day, [04:44.11]Easter,Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. [04:48.94]The sales can also be a spring sale,summer sale,winter sale, [04:57.69]back-to-school sale,Valentine's Day sale,Mother's Day sale,clearance sale, [05:07.15]closing sale,moving sale,men's sale,women's sale,children's sale and so on. [05:15.01]The sales offer various products,from drinks to food,clothing to bedding, [05:21.96]stationery to kitchenware,dairy products to accessories [05:28.02]and electrical appliances to paintings and still more. [05:33.79]At the time of the sales or during sales seasons, [05:39.36]people flock to the shopping centres [05:43.90]and stand in long queues and hope to get the best buy. [05:49.07]It really is the time to see many people consume and enhance their purchasing power. [05:56.02]Besides the store sales,there are other kinds of sales,yard sales, [06:03.89]family moving sales,porch sales,corridor sales and many others. [06:10.96]Some people collect their family's unwanted things and put them in their yard [06:17.63]and sell those things to their neighbours or visitors who want to buy them. [06:23.40]Usually at this kind of sale,you can get a very good offer. [06:28.86]The purpose of these sales is not oly to make money, [06:33.51]but also to associate with friends,exchange ideas,make friends, [06:40.48]get rid of things which you no longer need and maybe just to find somebody to chat to. [06:47.33]The persons who want to sell their own family things [06:52.37]sometimes carefully categorize the items and list the prices. [06:59.13]Very often the owners give something to the visitors for free. [07:04.39]In such cases,they may deliberately put some things in a box [07:10.76]and mark the box with the word"Free" [07:15.62]Yard sales,porch sales or family moving sales seem to be more relaxed and cozy [07:23.27]when compared with the department store sales. [07:28.10]Away from the department stores, [07:32.15]people take their time to carefully choose the items they want [07:37.61]while chatting with the owners. [07:41.58]Often,buying and selling doesn't seem to be as important to them. [07:47.44]They often seem to mainly be enjoying the casual [07:52.71]and relaxed communication which can happen in such sales. [07:58.96]14.Listen,read and act. [08:05.33]Louise calls the jeans store and gets a big surprise. [08:11.49]Louise:Hello!Is that Westco Jeans? [08:15.65]I wonder if anyone in the store happened to find a purse. [08:20.40]...Oh,really?My name is...Would you hold it for me pease? [08:26.75]I'm coming over soon.(She hangs up the phone) [08:31.92]Xiaohong:What happened?Do they have your purse? [08:35.76]Louise:I can't believe it.A customer found my purse on the floor [08:41.51]and handed it over to the staff.The store is holding it for me. [08:46.94]LiMeng:How will they know the purse is yours? [08:51.07]Daniel:She has her ID card in it.They can check by using the photo. [08:56.84]Lucky for you,Louise. [08:59.79]Officer:Yes.How lucky you are!I suppose they're waiting for you. [09:05.25]Louise:Thanks a lot for your time,Sir.Bye now. [09:09.69]Other three:Goodbye,Sir and thank you. [09:13.85]15.Listen to the tape and complete the information. [09:46.50]Unit 12 Want to be a volunteer? [09:51.46]1.Listen,read and practice. [09:57.11]Have you ever seen volunteers help peole? Why do people votunteer? [10:03.66]How can you become one of them?Let's see what LiMeng is doing. [10:09.59]LiMeng:Daniel,if you've got a minute,could I thalk to you about volunteering? [10:15.76]Daniel:Sure,as you know,I do some volunteering myself. [10:20.80]LiMeng:I know if you do volunteer work,you do it for free.Right? [10:26.68]Daniel:Yeah,but if you want some help with training and finding the right place to work in, [10:33.13]it's a good idea to become a member of a volunteer organization like"Volun-teering SA". [10:40.78]That costs money. [10:43.66]LiMeng:I heard that if you look on-line, [10:47.42]there are plenty of volunteer jobs available. [10:51.78]Daniel:Yeah,you can find a good job that way. [10:56.22]But if you want to do the job better, [11:00.09]it helps to get some training and advice from"Volunteering SA". [11:06.25]LiMeng:So if I join,I have to call somewhere and fill out a form? [11:12.00]Daniel:Right.And also pay a fee of $40 plus $4 GST. [11:19.65]So altogether you pay $44 a year to have a full membership. [11:25.71]LiMeng:What?I have to pay money in order to work for free? [11:30.86]Daniel:Well,you don't have to,but believe me,if you do pay [11:36.50]your money won't go nowhere. [11:40.06]You'll get lots of benefits,you know. [11:43.82]LiMeng:Yeah,those benefits are killing me. [11:47.76]Daniel:No,it's worth it and you get free training,free advice, [11:53.72]free newsletters and journals on volunteering,that sort of thing. [12:00.09]LiMeng:Pay to be a volunteer?I feel more like a customer than a volunteer! [12:05.94]5.Listen and write. [12:10.70]Listen to the tape [12:13.65]and fill in the facts and figures about volunteering in Australia. [12:19.29]Who volunteers? [12:22.66]32% of Australians over the age of 18 years [12:28.30]volunteered their time and energy to not-for-profit organizations during 2000. [12:35.96]This is an increase from______in 1995. [12:41.84]_____of those volunteers were men and_______were women. [12:48.78]The peak age was_____years(accounting for 40%). [12:55.86]Men working on a full-time basis [13:00.12]were found to volunteer at a higher rate which was_____than women which was___. [13:08.87]On average,people volunteer for_______hours per week or_____hours annually. [13:17.34]Young people volunteer for an average of_______hours or_______hours per year. [13:25.69]6.Listen,read and act. [13:30.97]Where can you find volunteer job opportunities? [13:36.01]Call a volunteer centre or search on-line.It's easy and quick. [13:42.86]LiMeng:Xiaohong,I've found a few volunteer job opportunities on-line. [13:48.60]Come over and take a look. [13:51.77]Xiaohong:Volunteer job opportunities?Are you sure you can spare time for it? [13:57.83]LiMeng:Well,as long as I do it for only a couple of hours a week, [14:03.39]I should be able to manage it.Anyway,look at these jobs first.What do you think? [14:10.36]Xiaohong:This one's good--helping old people in nursing homes. [14:16.01]Reading the newspaper,shopping...and you can decide on the days and time. [14:22.98]LiMeng:How about this one? [14:26.04]Giving one-to-one instructions in understanding and using the Internet. [14:31.78]Introductory level only. [14:35.34]Xiaohong:But it says country areas here. [14:39.18]Unless you could drive,this one would be difficult. [14:44.35]How would you go to these places? [14:48.01]LiMeng:You're right!Nursing home or computer job,which one shall I choose? [14:54.25]9.Listen,read and learn. [14:59.42]Volunteer service in the Weat [15:03.86]Do you want to work with people or animals or machines or tools? [15:11.02]Do you want to work indoors or outdoors, [15:15.77]directly serve people in need or serve people behind the scenes? [15:22.12]These are the typical questions that a volunteer service agency would ask. [15:28.18]Every year,thousands and thousands of people in the west offer volunteer services. [15:35.16]Vollunteering greatly strengthens the community partly because it helps the old, [15:42.29]the young,the weak,the sick,the disabled and the injured to overcome difficulties. [15:50.75]Volunteers usually help in many different ways. [15:55.90]They may give people advice,offer friendship to the young, [16:01.18]drive the elderly to church,counsel kids against drugs, [16:07.13]work as an assistant in a school or nursing home,raise funds,plant trees, [16:14.99]help out in local libraries and do many other things. [16:20.74]Volunteering can be a few hours a week or a few hours a month, [16:26.51]time during the day,evenings or weekends,either part time or full time. [16:33.96]Anybody who is willing to serve people in need can become a volunteer. [16:40.20]The art of volunteering is a process of both giving and receiving. [16:46.16]Volunteering allows volunteers to meet new people [16:51.12]and make new friends and mix with people from all walks of life. [16:57.39]Volunteering is an excellent way to experiment, [17:02.12]practice and try out new techniques and skills. [17:07.37]It is much more effective to practice a skillt [17:12.41]than to read about it or study it in a classroom. [17:17.06]Volunteering is a great way to develop good teamwork skills, [17:23.12]discover your individual talents and explore career choices. [17:29.68]Being a volunteer takes individuals on a wonderful journey [17:35.32]and helps them learn many important things beyond their school learning. [17:41.28]14.Listen,read and act. [17:46.74]Have you been to a nursing home for old people? [17:51.31]Do you know what they need most?How can we help them? [17:56.64]Mr.peterson,the manager of a nursing home,is giving LiMeng some instructions. [18:03.59]LiMeng:Thank you so much,Mr.Peterson.Is there anything else I should know? [18:09.33]Peterson:Yes.Many old people here don't hear very well, [18:14.98]so if you read newspaper or books to them,make sure you are loud and slow. [18:21.74]LiMeng:Loud and slow.OK,I'll remember that. [18:26.70]Peterson:And also if something urgent turns up and you can't make it here, [18:32.35]just give me a call so I can arrange things. [18:37.00]LiMeng:Sure.I've got a mobile phone.That's easy. [18:41.67]Peterson:Now.can you remember our address and which bus comes by our place? [18:47.84]LiMeng:Yeah.But I'll write them down in my notebook just in case I forget. [18:54.18]Peterson:Good.Well,that's all I need to tell you. [18:59.04]Thank you very much,young man,for your interest in helping old people. [19:04.61]We look forward to seeing you this coming Friday. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171123/513560.html