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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 12 Late home [00:04.41]1.Listen,read and prectice in pairs. [00:10.58]LiMeng and Xiaohong got off at the wrong bus stop.They have got lost. [00:17.24]LiMeng:Where are we now? [00:20.48]This doesn't seem to be the place where we should get off. [00:25.44]Xiaohong:I think you're right.This place looks strange to me. [00:30.51]What street name is it? [00:33.67]LiMeng:There's a sign there.Military Rd. [00:38.11]Xiaohong:That's strange.We usually get off the bus on Brooklyn St... [00:43.99]Our place if in The suburb of Happy Valley. [00:48.85]We really shouldn't have slept on the bus. [00:53.11]LiMeng:It's too late to regret now.Let's see what bus stops here. [00:58.57]No.278,276,333...oh,I know what went wrong. [01:06.82]We must have taken 278 for 218 and got on the wrong bus. [01:13.27]Oh,I wish you had been so smart when we got on that funny bus. LiMeng:Come on! [01:20.54]Who says it's my responsibility? [01:24.79]You should keep an eye on the bus number too. [01:29.16]Xiaohong:I will,definitely,next time. [01:33.28]LiMeng:Can we stop this?We need to figure out how to get back home. [01:38.64]Xiaohong:Let's see.West Beach,276:Outer Harbor,333...Forget it. [01:47.78]These are all new names to me. [01:51.65]LiMeng:Shall we take the same bus back? [01:55.59]Xiaohong:Back to where? [01:58.83]LiMeng:Where we got on,of course. Xiaohong:I don't know. [02:03.48]Could you recognize the right stop? [02:07.45]5.Listen,read and act. [02:14.11]LiMeng decides to call the home-stay family from a public pay phone [02:20.46]and tell them where they are. [02:24.22]LiMeng:Hello?Is that Mrs.Davis? Mrs.Davis:Speaking. [02:29.86]LiMeng:Oh,great.It's LiMeng here. [02:34.12]I'm sorry but there's some bad news for you. [02:38.88]Mrs.Davis:I hope you are all right. [02:42.64]LiMeng:Yeah,I'm fine.It's not that bad. [02:47.68]The problem is my sister and I obviously got on a wrong bus [02:53.56]and we are now in a place called Millitary Rd. [02:58.60]Mrs.Davis:Oh,My goodness.That's definitely wrong. [03:03.28]Look,just tell me exactly where you two are and don't go away. [03:09.83]LiMeng:We are right now near a bus stop. [03:13.78]There's a small store behind it,called The Jenkins'. [03:19.34]Mrs.Davis:Ok.I'll ask Frank to go and pick you up.Stay where you are,dear. [03:25.58]6.Listen and read. [03:30.23]Bus service [03:34.00]Look at the long,colourful buses.You may wonder where these buses are. [03:40.84]They are in Sydneyk,Australia. [03:45.10]The beautiful pictures on the buses give people a nice feeling [03:50.45]and show the city's vitality. [03:54.29]Passing through the city buildings,busy streets and small lanes, [04:00.35]the buses offer a movable art gallery and create a unique city culture. [04:07.61]Although planes,trains and subways are popular means of public transportation, [04:14.98]people still like to take buses because they are cheap and convenient. [04:21.36]Bueses run different routes and stop at city centres, [04:27.00]in front of schools,next to shopping malls,nearby the railway station, [04:34.36]not far away from hospitals,bank,parks,the zoo, [04:40.61]museums and even at the seashore. [04:45.57]Passengers can reach almost any place by taking a bus. [04:51.63]Nearly all buses run on a regular route and a fixed schedule. [04:57.20]In most buses,there are drivers but no conductors. [05:03.26]Passengers have to prepare the exact fare because drivers do not give any change. [05:10.41]Most buses offer a cheap fare for a particular group. [05:15.59]Seniors,people with disabilities or even students may get reduced bus fares. [05:23.24]The benefits of taking buses instead of driving cars are very clear. [05:29.61]It helps people keep the air clean, [05:33.87]reduces traffic jams and controls the city noise. [05:39.44]That's why governments in the West strongly encourage people to take buses. [05:46.98]10.Listen,read and act. [05:52.03]Mr.Davis(Frank)drives to the stop where LiMeng and Xiaohong are waiting [05:58.79]and then brings them back home. [06:02.74]Mr.Davis:There you are.Get in.You must be tired. [06:07.28]LiMeng:A little bit.Thanks for coming to pick us up. [06:11.83]Mr.Davis:Sure.That's what I'm here for. [06:15.67]I've brought some water here. Want to drink some? [06:20.03]Xiaohong:Thanks,Dad.You are always so thoughtful. [06:24.89]LiMeng:I'm sorry to have troubled you.We probably got on the wrong bus. [06:30.77]Mr.Davis:That's quite alright.I did the same thing when I was young. [06:36.02]That happens.Now,guess what we're going to have for dinner. [06:41.58]LiMeng:I don't know.Pizza? [06:44.92]Mr.Davis:Quite a close guess.It's not pizza,but it's Italian food... [06:51.09]Xiaohong:Wait!Let me guess.It must be spaghetti. [06:56.05]Mr.Davis:Smart girl. [06:59.21]11.Listen and fill in the blanks. [07:04.67]I Jeff:______very much for showing me around. [07:08.93]Catherine:That's my________. [07:11.86]Jeff:The__________is mine. [07:15.02]II Catherine:Thanks for the________to my school. [07:18.78]Jeff:__________.Feel__________to tell me when you need another ride. [07:24.06]III Catherine:Thank you for the________party.Everything is so_________. [07:29.52]Jeff:Thank you for__________. [07:32.44]IV Catherine: For_________. Jeff:__________. [07:36.20]12.Let's sing. [07:40.64]If I were you... 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171123/513555.html