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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 14 Money matters [00:04.78]1.Listen,read and practice in pairs. [00:10.95]LiMeng and Xiaohong need to open a bank account. [00:15.70]They are now in a bank with Mrs.Davis. [00:20.38]Clerk:Good morning!Can I help you? [00:24.03]Mrs.Davis:Yes.We are here to open a bank account. [00:29.00]These two kids--LiMeng and his sister Xiaohong have come from China [00:35.47]and they'd like to open a bank account. [00:39.63]Clerk:I can help them with that! [00:43.28]Mrs.Davis:If they each open an account, [00:47.83]I think it will be more convenient for them. [00:52.51]Xiaohong:Yeah.I want to keep my own money. [00:56.45]LiMeng:I think that should be OK. [00:59.82]Clerk:Now,we have a special account that is designed for 12-15 years old. [01:05.99]Here is a brochure.You can keep it. [01:09.64]Xiaohong:Can I read it first? [01:12.88]Clerk:Don't worry.Here's another one for you. [01:16.75]LiMeng:Let me see.No account keeping fees,keycard access to cash 24 hours a day, [01:25.00]linked to a savings account...Well,these things really look confusing. [01:31.56]Clerk:Here,let me explain it to you. [01:35.92]The first means that you don't have to pay money [01:40.88]for everything our bank does for you. [01:44.96]The keycard is a bank card you can use to get money from an ATM. [01:51.02]It is linked to a savings account which allows you [01:55.98]to use your savings for spending money when you need to. [02:01.05]Mrs.Davis:You see these are specially designed for teenagers. [02:06.09]They help you manage your money wisely and easily. [02:11.13]Xiaohong:I think that keycard is a good idea. [02:15.60]I don't want to run to a bank that's far away each time I need money. [02:21.06]Clerk:That's right.But for that,we need an OK from your guardian. [02:27.12]Now,will you two just fill out these application forms and..... [02:32.87]2.Listen to Dialogue One again and tick the correct answer. [04:09.34]5.Listen,read and talk in pairs. [04:16.39]LiMeng is surprised to discover how much he has spent in a month [04:21.56]and is talking about it with another Chinese boy Chang Song. [04:27.31]LiMeng:You know what?I spent nearly two thousand dollars last month. [04:33.87]I can't believe it,Gee,that's a lot.What did you buy? [04:39.33]LiMeng:Well,I didn't buy much.You see,I gave $ 1,400 to Mrs.Davis, [04:47.09]now that's to cover room and board for my sister and I; [04:52.36]then,I bought some books and CDs. [04:56.52]Oh,I bought a T-shirt and some pants the other day.What else? [05:02.68]Chang:What about the bus and phone calls? [05:06.83]LiMeng:That's right.I forgot about the bus fares and those phone cards. [05:12.48]Chang:I remember seeing you buy snacks from the school canteen. [05:17.94]LiMeng:Yeah,but that shouldn't cost that much. [05:22.48]Chang:You don't even know where your money went. [05:26.74]You need to do something about it. [05:30.29]9.Listen,read adn discuss. [05:36.95]Check your financial quotient(FQ) [05:42.52]Everybody know that IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient [05:48.89]and some of you might even know what your IQ is. [05:53.93]More recently,there have been many articles and books written about our EQ [06:00.91]or Emotinonal Quotient and if you are interested in it, [06:06.55]you might even take a test and find out what your EQ is. [06:12.11]But what is your EQ?It's your Financial Quotient. [06:18.98]FQ is your wisdom to build wealth and be financially successful. [06:25.75]Some people claim that a high IQ helps a person save money. [06:32.20]With a high EQ,one is able to live through very diffcult times. [06:38.97]But only a high FQ can help one grow wealth. [06:44.61]People of high IQs may have low FQs. [06:50.67]Some bright,intelligent,educated people may be suffering from low FQs [06:58.43]because they seldom have a business plan,never make budgets, [07:04.39]rarely pay attention to their expenses and negotiate discounts. [07:10.45]On the other hand,even though some people don't have a high level of education, [07:17.39]they have high FQs and make a success of their business. [07:23.27]Bill Gates and Michael Dell are perfect examples. [07:28.42]Fortunately,unlike IQ,one can greatly improve his or her FQ [07:36.88]by going to a business school or even a FQ training centre. [07:43.05]Through the necessary education on financial management, [07:48.72]one can handle his or her financial matters more efficiently and effectively, [07:54.96]and this may lead to business success. [07:59.63]12.Listen and practice in pairs. [08:06.40]Mrs.Davis is in the kitchen with LiMeng and Xiaohong. [08:12.04]She is telling them how to become money-wise. [08:17.32]LiMeng:Can I ask you something,Mrs.Davis? [08:22.00]Mrs.Davis:Of course,dear.What is it? [08:25.84]LiMeng:I seem to be spending a lot of money but I don't know where my money went. [08:32.50]Mrs.Davis:Good question.Daniel used to have that problem too. [08:37.96]I think you need to draw up plan for your spending each month. [08:43.70]LiMeng:Like a list? [08:46.89]Mrs.Davis:Yes.You write down how much money you plan [08:51.93]to spend on what each month adn then stick to it. [08:56.89]I always keep notes of my spending.You can try that too. [09:02.35]Xiaohong:Good idea.I always think you should be more careful with your money. [09:08.31]Mrs.Davis:I think he is,dear.Everyone has to learn how to be money-wise. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171123/513554.html