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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 13 Safety [00:04.41]1.Listen,read and act. [00:09.98]It's time for another play. [00:13.74]In this play,we need 14 people to play the following roles--the teacher. [00:20.69]Group 1 students(LiMeng,Mary,Jeff),Group 2 students(Jack,Peter,Louise), [00:30.22]Group 3 students (Irena,Bob,Ann)and the audience(4 students). [00:38.40]Teacher:Today let's talk about fire safety. [00:42.66]To make it interesting, [00:45.90]I've asked three groups of students to prepare some short plays. [00:51.36]In these plays,they will show us what they would do in case of a fire in the building. [00:57.73]Watch them closely.They'll show what's correct and also what's wrong. [01:04.68]I'll ask some questions when the plays are over. [01:08.75]Now,Group 1 please.(Group 1 students go to the front of the classroom.) [01:16.12]LiMeng:There's a funny smell in the room.Can you smell anything? [01:21.08]Mary:Listen! The siren is on!There must be a fire.Let's get out of here quickly. [01:28.45]Jeff:Wait.Smoke is most dangerous. [01:32.40]We should find something to cover our mouths and nosee. [01:37.25]Mary,use your scarf.LiMeng,pick up your jacket.Oh,no.Water! [01:43.42]Right.Quick!Pour water on your scarf,Mary. [01:48.88]Now,cover your mouth and nose.Let's go. [01:53.42]LiMeng:(Group 1 strdents open the door and rush out.) [01:58.28](Applause)Well done!Group 1.Now,let's watch Group2. [02:04.94](Group 2 students go to the front of the classroom.) [02:10.22]Teacher:Listen!The sound of the siren! [02:13.88]Jack:What's this smell?Something burning? [02:17.93]Louise:There must be a fire.We should leave this place quickly.Hurry! [02:23.52]Peter:Wait!Let's find something wet to cover our mouths and noses first. [02:29.26]Smoke is a big killer. [02:32.32]Jack:Now,get down low and.... [02:35.69]Louise:Wait!Let me feel the door.Good.The handle is cold.Let's go.Stay low! [02:42.53](Group 2 students open the door,get low and move down the hallway) [02:49.38]Teacher:Thank you very much,Group 2.Now,thime for Group 3. [02:54.73](Group 3 students go to the front of the classroom.) [02:59.70]Teacher:Thank you very much,Group 2.Now,thime for Group 3. [03:05.03](Group 3 students go to the front of the classroom.) [03:09.99]Irena:What's that?The siren!Emergency! [03:14.22]Bob:Look at the smoke!It's coming in from under the door! [03:18.87]Oh,my god!The handle is hot. [03:22.53]Ann:Don't panic!Just follow the evacuation procedure.Don't open the door! [03:28.80]Irena:Come to the window!Stay low! [03:32.74]Bob,come to the window!What're you doing there? [03:37.42]Bob:I need to find my wallet and mobile phone. [03:41.57]Ann:Don't worry about your things now.Come over here! [03:46.53]And stay low!Grab something to cover your nose. [03:51.18](Group 3 students finish their show and go back to their seats.) [03:56.93]Teacher:(Applause)Thank you very much,Group 3.Thank you all ,kids. [04:04.58]They were wondeful shows.Well done! [04:08.84]Now,our audience,let's talk about what they've done. [04:14.69]The correct things first. [04:18.32]Student 1:Group 1 guys remembered to cover their mouths [04:22.97]and noses with something wet. [04:26.53]They know smoke is dangerous. [04:30.18]Teacher:Good.What else,folks? [04:33.95]Student 2:But Group 1 forgot to stay low. [04:37.92]Student 3:Yeah.But Group 2 remembered. [04:41.97]Student 4:And they also felt the handle.And... [04:45.91]Teacher:Those are excellent observations. [04:49.75]Now,let's ask Group 3 what problem they wanted to show us. [04:55.31]Ann:We just wanted to show that when there's an emergency, [04:59.86]we shouldn't take anything with us. [05:03.70]Life is more important than anything else. [05:07.96]Teacher:Wonderful! Those were great shows and great observations. [05:13.84]Good work!Now,we have this Emergency Action Guide in every classroom. [05:20.39]Be sure to read it and.... [05:24.23]2.Listen and write. [05:28.31]George Lincoln is talking about his experience in fire on TV. [05:34.55]Listen to the tape,and fill in the blanks. [05:39.12]My name is George Lincoln,I live in______. [05:44.27]I was working in my office on the 30th floor of a_____. [05:49.62]I was thalking with my client when the _____rang. [05:54.48]I rushed out to the _____,but it wasn't working.we had to go up to the roof. [06:01.74]When we got there,some people were waiting A helicopter managed to_____no the roof [06:06.92]and rescued five of us before the _____collapsed. [06:20.26]7.Listen,read and discuss. [06:25.54]How to protect yourself from fires [06:29.80]Can you guess how many fires are started by kids every year? 200 or maybe 2000? [06:38.94]In fact,every year,children start nearly 100,000 fires [06:46.10]that hurt people and cause a lot of damage. [06:50.64]That's why playing with cigarette lighters,matches or candles,is not a good idea. [06:58.51]Fires are scary and very dangerous. [07:03.37]They are loud and hot and burn very fast [07:08.51]and their smoke can make a room or home very dark. [07:13.55]What would you do if there was a fire in your home? [07:18.23]What would hapen if you were sleeping? [07:22.07]You may not see a fire,smell smoke or wake up in time to get out safely. [07:28.73]Don't wait until the last minute to get out; [07:32.99]give yourself plenty of time so that there is still an available exit route. [07:39.86]The best fire escape plans give you two ways to get out of each room. [07:45.71]If one way is blocked by the fire,you can get out the other way. [07:51.46]But if you have to escape through smoke, [07:55.40]crawl on your hands and knees with your head 30 to 60 centimetres above the floor. [08:02.35]Smoke and heat rise,so during a fire,there's cleaner,cooler air near the floor. [08:10.61]The safest air is downlow.It's important to get out fast! [08:16.95]Take only what you can safely carry with you. [08:21.53]Make sure you know how to call for emergency assistance in your area [08:26.88]and be sure you can provide accurate directions to your home. [08:32.52]It's important to know what to do if there is a fire in your home, [08:38.77]but knowing how to prevent fires is even more important. [08:43.94]The following tips may help you prevent fires: [08:48.80]1.Never put anything over a lamp,like clothes or a blanket,not even when playing. [08:57.65]2.Don't touch heaters.Ask an adult to turn a heater on or off for you. [09:05.20]3.Don't stand too close to the stove. [09:10.48]You could get burned or your clothes could catch fire. [09:15.34]4.Never touch matches,lighters,or candles. [09:21.69]5.Don't play with electrical cords and never stick anything into an electrical socket. [09:29.84]6.Turn off lights,stereos, [09:35.11]TVs and other electrical equipment when you are finished with using them. [09:40.44]7.Ask your parents to install smaoke alarms, [09:46.29]which save lives by warning you about a fire. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171122/513264.html