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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 14 At a clinic [00:04.18]1.Listen,read and practice in pairs. [00:10.55]Have you noticed that in every school there's a place for students auts, [00:16.20]wounds and some other minor problems to be treated? [00:21.05]Do you know what this place is called?It's called an infirmary. [00:27.30]LiMeng:Oh,on!Jeff,have you got any tissues? [00:31.87]Jeff:Yeah.Here,what hapened? [00:35.71]Gee,let me give you a hand.What did you do? [00:40.67]LiMeng:Nothing.I just wanted to cut this piece of paper. [00:45.53]The paper slipped and the scissors fell and cut my leg. [00:50.78]Jeff:I think you should go to the infimary to have your cut treated. [00:55.82]They've got a first-aid kit there. [00:59.66]LiMeng:There's no need.It's hardly bleeding now. [01:04.10]Jeff:I still think you should go.It would be too late if you got an infection. [01:10.48]LiMeng:OK then.The infirmary is on the first floor,right? [01:15.94]Jeff:Yeah.And the lady working there is called Mrs.Penn. [01:21.50](LiMeng goes out of the classroom to the infirmary [01:26.54]and returns a few minutes later.) [01:30.80]Jeff:Got it treated?The band-aid should be good. [01:35.56]Did Mrs.Penn ask you any questions? [01:40.00]LiMeng:Yeah.Things like my name,class and how it happened. [01:45.67]She put those things down in a notebook. [01:49.61]Jeff:Did it hurt when she treated your cut? [01:53.68]LiMeng:Very little.It was over in a couple of seconds [01:58.13]Good thing,it wasn't serious. [02:03.17]Otherwise if I had to go to a hospital,I would have to pay a lot of money. [02:08.42]Jeff:Really?Haven't you got your medical insurance? [02:13.38]2.Listen and write. [02:17.95]Listen to the dialogue and fill in the blanks. [02:22.81]Wang Peng:Hello,Doctor Fuller?This is______. [02:26.96]Dr.Fuller:Hello,Wang Peng.How are you? [02:30.41]Wang Peng:I_____feel very well today. [02:34.07]Dr.Fuller:I'm sorry to hear that.What seems to be the______? [02:39.03]Wang Peng:I have a terrible_______. [02:43.40]Dr.Fuller:Do you have any idea______? [02:46.84]Wang Peng:Well,Doctor Fuller,I carried heavy_____all afternoon yesterday. [02:53.11]Dr.Fuller:I see.Do you want to make an______? [02:57.55]Wang Peng:Yes,______.When can you see me? [03:01.39]Dr.Fuller:How about tomorrow at______o'clock? [03:05.16]Wang Peng:That's_____.Thank you very much. [03:08.92]4.Listen,read and act. [03:14.17]Have you got medical insurance? What does it cover? [03:21.33]What do you have to pay for yourself? [03:25.09]LiMeng is asking his home-stay parent Mrs.Davis about his medical insurance. [03:31.75]Mrs.Davis:LiMeng,how come you've got a band-did on your leg? [03:36.50]Are you all right?What happened? [03:40.26]LiMeng:It's OK.Just a minor cut.I droppped my scissors this afternoon. [03:46.53]Thank,mum.Speaking of cuts,there's one thing I'd like to know,if I may ask. [03:53.38]Mrs.Davis:Sure.What is it? [03:56.85]LiMeng:A classmate asked me if I have medical insurance.I was doubtful. [04:03.62]I have no idea.So.... [04:07.17]Mrs.Davis:I see.Of course you have. [04:11.72]The school sent materials about medical insurance to your parents [04:17.49]and I remember they chose Healthy Plus for your sister and yourself. [04:23.24]Both of you are young and healthy,so Healthy Plus is enough. [04:29.01]You must have seen those forms. [04:32.95]LiMeng:I remember filling out a lot of forms [04:37.21]and it was difficult to tell which was which. [04:41.57]Mrs.Davis:Don't worry.Both of you are insured. [04:46.25]Your parents have already paid the premium. [04:50.32]LiMeng:The premium?Is that the money for the insurance company? [04:55.78]Mrs.Davis:Good guess.Your parents pay a small premium to the company each month. [05:02.03]7.Listen,read and act. [05:07.38]Do you know how to give first aid when someone is wounded? [05:12.42]Know what's inside a first-aid kit?Want to get some training? [05:18.38]LiMeng:You know,Daniel,when I was in the school's infirmary,I saw a first-aid kit. [05:24.86]I wonder what's inside. [05:28.10]Daniel:We've got a small one in our bathroom. [05:32.17]Let me show you...here,see,bandages,dressings,slings,scissors and aome safety pins. [05:42.44]LiMeng:Very interesting stuff.Do you know how to give first aid? [05:48.00]Daniel:I've learned some,but I've hardly had any chance to do anything. [05:53.57]Nothing bad has happened. [05:56.91]Oh,I know.Suppose both of us fell from a bike,what would you do? [06:03.15]LiMeng:What would I do?Stand up first and then help you stand up. [06:09.21]Daniel:Wrong! [06:11.96]LiMeng:Wrong?Shouldn't I help you? [06:15.82]Daniel:It would be good if you could. [06:19.27]But your first action should be check for danger to yourself. [06:24.34]You should check me only when you're sure you're OK. [06:29.30]LiMeng:That's strange!Isn't that selfish? [06:33.85]9.Listen,read and learn. [06:39.31]Do you have a family doctor? [06:42.96]If you have a cold,a headache,or an earache [06:47.64]and you don't have the time to see a doctor, [06:51.72]what would you do? [06:54.46]Would you rather wait until you have some free time [06:59.03]or leave your sickness unattended? [07:03.29]Both choices are not good. [07:06.95]What you need to do is to find a doctor for yourself or your family members. [07:13.19]Nowadays,family doctors are more and more popular. [07:18.15]When faced with a medical problem [07:21.81]many people feel frightened and unsure of whom to trust, [07:27.27]Family doctors can help with the wide range of health problems [07:32.55]that may affect any family member, [07:36.80]from babies to senior citizens. [07:41.06]They offer help with any illness,injury or health question. [07:47.02]Family soctors give most of their care in homes and offices, [07:52.76]but also sometimes work in hospitals. [07:57.62]While you are looking for a family doctor, [08:01.46]you should look for the doctor who understands, [08:05.69]respects and answers your questions; [08:10.42]who can help you and your family feel comfortablw to be open and honest; [08:16.48]who van be available for your problems on an ongoing basis. [08:21.94]Once you have a family doctor, [08:25.81]you will want to be able to talk openly and honestly [08:30.67]about any matter with your family doctor. [08:35.21]To do this,your doctor may need an understanding of your language and culture. [08:42.06]Good communication with your family doctor is very necessary. [08:47.49]During visits for medical problems, [08:51.44]your family doctor [08:54.78]can also help you make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent future problems. [09:01.62]As your family doctor and yourself get to know each other [09:06.59]a bond of trust develops. [09:10.53]10.Listen and write. [09:16.46]Culture differences on"Go to hospital" [09:21.42]Listen to the following dialogue between a westerner and a Chinese student. [09:28.56]See how they have a different understanding about"Go to Hospital". [09:34.33]LiHong:Hi,Marilyn,how are you? [09:38.17]Marilyn:Fine.Thank you.And you? [09:41.22]LiHong:I'm fine too.Thank you. [09:44.88]Marilyn:But your friend Wang Mei told me that you went to_____yesterday. [09:50.52]I thought you may have needed several days to______. [09:54.57]LiHong:Oh,no.I just had a cold. [09:58.33]Marilyn:A cold?And you______to a hospital? [10:02.59]LiHong:Yes.In Beijing almost_______goes to hospital when they get a cold. [10:08.97]Marilyn:You mean no matter what_____you get,you'll go to hospital? [10:14.53]LiHong:Sure.Why do you ask?Is it the______in Australia? [10:20.30]Marilyn:Well,if I got a cold back at home,I'd only see my______. [10:26.16]LiHong:I'm_____.Aren't they the same thing? [10:31.33]Marilyn:No.When I get some_______diseases,I see my doctor in his offce or call him. [10:38.48]LiHong:Then how about______to hospital? [10:42.85]Marilyn:I would go there for severe diseases,like a very high______. [10:48.70]Besides,it's quite expensive to go to hospital in Australia. [10:53.87]LiHong:I see.Actually Wang Mei should______told you that I went to see a doctor yesterday. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171122/513263.html