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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 13 School schedule [00:04.78]1.Listen,read and practice in pairs. [00:10.95]LiMeng and Daniel are discussing differences in the school schedules. [00:16.88]LiMeng:You know,in my school back in China.We finish school at about 5 o'clock. [00:23.35]But here it's so much earlier,only 3 o'clock or something. [00:28.63]Daniel:Oh yeah? Thats new to me.That must be a realk busy day. [00:34.27]LiMeng: It usually is.We have so many classes,from morning to late afternoon. [00:41.12]And so much homework too. [00:44.30]Daniel:I'm sure you're happy now to finish early and have less homework. [00:49.55]LiMeng:Yeah.In a way.But I've got a different problem now. [00:54.83]Daniel:Which is? [00:57.39]LiMeng:What to do with so much time? [01:01.15]Daniel:What to do?Lots of things you can do-read books from the library, [01:07.71]surf the net,or go out and play soccer. [01:12.39]LiMeng:I know.But I'm still a bit confused. [01:17.35]Daniel:problem with new-found freedom. [01:21.29]Can't believe this.I always run out of time. [01:25.94]LiMeng:Maybe I should be more active in our soccer team. [01:30.70]Training every day!What do you think? [01:34.77]Daniel:Well,Mr.Hudson loves hard-working guys. [01:39.53]4.Listen and practice in pairs. [01:45.27]LiMeng is in his room telling his sister all the things he is doing now. [01:51.44]Xiaohing:What've you been doing?You hardly talk to me now. [01:56.30]LiMeng:Sorry!I've got so many things packed into the whole day. [02:01.86]Xiaohong:What do you mean so many things? [02:05.81]School finishes early here and our workload is much less than it was in China. [02:12.65]LiMeng:That's exactly why I'm busy. [02:17.01]I've found so much fun doing things I like to do,you know,my soccer, [02:22.86]my computer,my games,oh,my music,too. [02:28.14]Xiaohong:You haven't mentioned your study yet. [02:32.22]LiMeng:I've finished everthing. [02:35.56]Xiaohong:But I hear students here [02:38.93]often have to complete big things they call"projects", [02:44.26]and these things can take an awful lot of time. [02:49.22]LiMeng:I think I've heard that too.I'll find out that that is tomorrow. [02:55.07]6.Listen and write. [02:59.62]Listen and fill in the blanks. [03:03.56]Chen Min:Oh,it's already 12:40;that's why I'm so______. [03:09.31]Nancy:What's the__________? [03:12.18]Chen Min:Nothing________.I just need a nap. [03:16.44]Nancy:A nap?Do you take a________every day? [03:20.57]Chen Min:Yeah.That's my________.A 30-minute-nap at noon.How about you? [03:27.41]Nancy:Me?I__________take a nap. [03:31.57]Chen Min:Nobody__________takes a nap? [03:34.91]Nancy:___________.Almost nobody does that. [03:38.88]Chen Min:You know,almost everyone back in China takes a nap__________the day. [03:42.98]Nancy:That's a good habit actually.It makes you feel__________. [03:48.34]7.Listen and read. [03:53.30]Tim management [03:56.36]There is no mystery about managing time. [04:00.93]Everyone has 24 hours each day and 168 hours each week to eat, [04:08.08]sleep,work,relax,exercise,attend classes and study. [04:15.74]There is nothing magical about getting the most from these hours; [04:21.17]it just takes planning. [04:24.62]But time management does require self-discipline [04:30.39]and control until it becomes an everyday habit. [04:34.83]Plans and schedules for managing time are useless if one does not follow them. [04:41.50]The following are some of the highest quality personal time management skills. [04:47.97]These are essential skills for effective people: [04:53.22]1.You should set aside some time to study. [04:58.50]Time passes away quickly while you are playing. [05:03.18]2.You should make sure you concentrate as much time [05:08.53]and energy as possible on the right thing. [05:12.97]If you have many jobs in front of you, [05:16.92]try to do them one at a time and always do the most important job first. [05:23.68]3.If it's possible,you should study at the same time every day. [05:30.53]A fixed time will make it easier to follow the schedule. [05:35.49]4.You should make use of the free hours during the school day. [05:41.26]The free hours add up and they can be used to learn more things. [05:47.22]5.You should arrange arrnge your study time right after your course time. [05:54.17]This positioning can help you recall things more easily and learn them by heart. [06:00.93]However,don't work too hard without a rest. [06:05.90]Long periods of study may also kill your interest in your strdies. [06:11.93]Proper use of study time will enable us to enjoy what we have learned [06:18.59]and keep us learning for a long period. [06:22.96]11.Listen and practice in pairs. [06:28.52]LiMeng is talking with Mr.Jones,the school's student counsellor,about his schedule. [06:35.36]LiMeng:You know,Mr.Jones,I don't know what I should do now. [06:40.64]When I first came,I didn't have much to do' [06:45.19]but now,I've got too many things on my hands. [06:49.91]Mr.Jones:It's good to hear you're busy.I think what you need is a planner. [06:55.37]Mr.Jones:A planner? [06:58.25]Mr.Jones:Yes.It's like a timetable. [07:02.40]You first fill in all of your classes [07:06.48]and then decide what to do in those empty slots. [07:11.62]LiMeng:Like a likst of things? [07:15.17]Mr.Jones:Yes.A bit like that. [07:18.41]You first decide how many times you want to do what,say,play soccer once, [07:25.49]twice or three times a day,and then decide on which days you do it. [07:31.84]Write everything down in your planner and follow it every day. [07:37.27]LiMeng:What happens if I'm led by a "planner"? [07:41.64]Mr.Jones:You become a well-organized person. [07:45.48]12.Let's sing [07:49.84]What will you do in the future? [07:53.39]What will you do,what will you do in the future? [08:22.15]When I grow up,I'll be a driver, [08:28.32]travelling around the world and visiting the seven wonders. [08:38.19]When I grow up,I'll be a teacher,teaching children Maths and helping people learn. [08:48.93]When I grow up,I'll be an actor,making people happy and bringing people fun. [08:59.06]What will you do,what will you do in the future?When I grow up,I'll be a driver, [09:36.13]travelling around the world and visiting the seven wonders. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171122/513260.html