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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 16 Rewards for LiMeng and Xiaohong [00:06.19]1.Listen,read and act. [00:11.15]Have you ever been interviewed by a newspaper reporter, [00:15.70]or a radio station or even a TV station? [00:21.16]What would it be like?What questions would they ask? [00:26.33]How would you answer the questions,especially the difficlt ones? [00:31.97]Here are two interviews.Let's find out how they do it. [00:37.85]Interview 1 [00:40.80]This is Andrew Williams from ASA TV Station. [00:46.37]We're now at Jjohnson Secondary School [00:50.21]where a special school assembly is being held [00:54.47]to celebrate some of the special achievements of some students here. [01:00.24]The Lord Mayor of Adelaide,Mr.Alfred Hrang is the"Guest of Honour"at this assembly. [01:07.40]Now,we'd like to interview two talented students from China. [01:13.04]Williams:Hello,Nice to meet you ,LiMeng and Xiaohong. [01:17.40]Have I got your names correct? [01:20.95]LiMeng:Yes,fine.Nice to meet you. [01:24.79]Williams:I hear you are brother and sister from China? [01:29.03]LiMeng:That's right.We've been here for almost a year now. [01:33.99]Williams:Today Mr.Huang presented you with a special achievement certificate [01:39.84]for being chosen in the State Representative Soccer Team. [01:44.88]That's the under-15 boys state team.My congratulations!Now,how do you feel? [01:52.14]LiMeng:Thank you.I feel very excited.It's a great honour and also a big challenge. [01:59.09]I'm looking forward to meeting the new team members and training with them. [02:04.37]Williams:I've heard that you've been jplaying soccer for a number of years now. [02:09.12]What have you learned from playing soccer? [02:12.68]LiMeng:Yeah.I've been playing soccer since I was six years old. [02:18.03]What have I learned?Fair play,team spirit,good sportsmanship,and lots of things. [02:25.40]Williams:Thank you,LiMeng.Now,Xiaohong,my congratulations also to you! [02:32.06]You've been presented with a special achievement certificate [02:36.73]for winning a $AU 10,000 scholarship. [02:40.86]Xiaohong:Thank you.I really feel honoured. [02:44.62]Williams:With this scholarship,you'll be able to study in a special art school,right? [02:49.95]Xiaohong:Yes,that's what I was told. [02:53.79]Williams:You must have lots of talents in art,Xiaohong? [02:58.34]Xiaohong:I don't know about that.But I've been drawing for many years. [03:03.51]It's my long-time hobby. [03:06.85]Williams:Just one more question.Do you two feel homesick? [03:12.13]Xiaohong:Well,a little bit. [03:15.37]But our home-stay family is so nice and warm that we feel quite at home here. [03:22.32]Williams:Thank you very much. [03:25.56]This is another example of the great things Chinese students are doing in Australian schools. [03:32.72]My congratulations again and keeep up your efforts. [03:37.78]This is Andrew Williams,reporting from... [03:42.15]4.Listen,read and act. [03:47.29]Interview 2 [03:50.45]A local newspaper is also interviewing LiMeng and Xiasohong. [03:56.02]Let's see what they are talking about. [03:59.86]Reporter:Now,Mr.Huang asked to speak with you two. [04:04.53]Is it OK if you share with us what you takled about? [04:09.08]LiMeng:Of course.Mr.Huang told us that he was very proud of our achievements [04:15.03]and that he was sure our family would be proud too. [04:19.47]Xiaohong:He also told us about a famous heart surgeon,Dr.Victor Chang. [04:25.12]Reporter:Yes.Dr.Victo Chang is highly respected and loved here in Australia. [04:31.07]The whole country was very sad when he died. [04:35.51]LiMeng:I really admire what he did.He's a man who never stopped trying. [04:41.39]Xiaohong:Yeah.He decided to become a doctor at the age of 15 [04:47.03]when his mother died of cancer. [04:50.69]He followed his dream all the way through. [04:54.45]Reporter:Yes.He was a great man. [04:57.93]He saved so many people's lives during the 1980s [05:03.28]and in the early 1990s until he died. [05:08.24]Now,what else did Mr.Huang tell you? [05:12.32]LiMeng:He told us that Chinese people have a long history [05:17.47]of impressive achievements in Australia and encoouraged us to work hard. [05:23.63]Xiaohong:Yeah.He also mentioned Wilson Wu,a successful businessman and Dr.Anita Mak, [05:31.36]a senior lecturer at the University of Csanberra. [05:36.12]LiMeng:We really admire them.I hope we can achieve great things too. [05:42.18]Reporter:You will if you keep on trying.I see a bright future in front of you. [05:48.24]Xiaohong:Thank you.We'll always remember these inspiring people and follow in their footsteps. [05:55.40]Reporter:Thank you very much for your time and once again,my congratulations! [06:01.35]11.Listen,read and learn. [06:06.92]What is a scholarship? [06:10.29]Scholarships are financial aids [06:14.44]to help academically able people further their education. [06:20.08]Every year,many universities and colleges in many parts of the world [06:26.64]follow a long tradition of ensuring that students get access to these scholarships. [06:33.48]This allows more students to gain the full benefits of good education. [06:39.65]A scholarship is a financial award for students [06:44.51]who want to attend private secondary schools [06:48.95]or undergraduates who want to study at private and public colleges. [06:55.50]This financial award or scholarship is given in recognition of [07:01.43]past or potential academic achievements. [07:06.58]In most instances,students can only qualify for scholarships [07:12.74]if they can show that they are in financial need,as well. [07:18.10]A scholarship usually does not require repayment. [07:23.56]Although most undergraduate scholarships are awarded to full-time students [07:29.80]at 4-year colleges or universities, [07:34.35]a considerable number of the scholarships are for students who attend business, [07:40.59]technical,library,science,art,nursing and vocational schools and 2-year colleges. [07:50.26]Every year there are millions of scholarship programs out there. [07:55.69]The key is knowing how to work your way through the ones that you qualify for [08:02.14]and the ones you do not. [08:05.62]There are many scholarship opportunities available. [08:10.16]You should research as many funding sources as you can. [08:15.75]Many scholarships have similar CRIteria for their awards. [08:21.08]By maintaining a high Grade Point Average, [08:25.52]staying as active as possible in your community and extracurricular activities, [08:32.37]evaluating and cataloguing your personal and professional strengths, [08:38.24]and setting future goals for your education and career, [08:43.81]you will have more chances to get a scholarship. [08:48.98]Once you are certain that you meet the qualifications to apply, [08:54.54]you should be careful with the application process by clearly expressing [09:01.10]and explaining all your qualifying factors. [09:06.25]It is always a good idea to ask for the assistance of a school advisor, [09:12.72]counsellor,or professors,when applying for a scholarship. [09:18.60]You need to start to start to build a network of professionals and educators [09:24.24]who are willing to advise you, [09:28.01]write recommendations,proofread your applications and essayds, [09:33.88]and guide you through the application process. [09:38.85]You should also know that only about 30 percent of the students [09:44.49]who apply for funding are awarded a scholarship. [09:49.48]This means it is a competitive process,so caution must be taken when applying, [09:56.61]to give yourself the best possible advantage. [10:01.34]However,failing to get a scholarship [10:05.49]doesn't mean you won't have a chance in the following year. [10:10.25]So keep on trying and do not lose heart.You may get a sc holarship someday. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171121/513002.html