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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 15 My share of the chores [00:05.69]1.Listen and practice in pairs. [00:11.65]Mrs.Davis is telling Li Meng and xiaohong about the small chores she expects them to do. [00:19.30]Mrs.Davis,is there anything you want us to do around the house? [00:25.57]Nothing much realy. [00:28.81]I'll be doing most of the chores and Mr.Davis will take care of the "hard labour". [00:35.37]There are a few things,though,I'd like you to do if you don't mind. [00:40.93]Of course not.I'd love to share the chores. [00:45.61]Yeah,anything at all I can do to help. [00:49.87]We also do some housework back in China. [00:54.02]That's good.They're just some small chores actually, [00:59.38]like setting the table,putting your dishes in the dishwasher, [01:05.12]cleaning up the table ,that sort of thing. [01:09.28]That's easy.I'd love to do some work in the kitchen. [01:14.45]Is there anything "Heavier" than those? [01:18.81]Yes.There is one more thing--your own washing. [01:24.38]But I suppose with a washing machine it won't be very heavy work. [01:30.15]You only need to do it once or twice a week. [01:34.59]I'll show you two how to do it later. [01:38.66]Oh,mum,there's one thing I forgot to ask you the other day. Yes,dear? [01:45.43]I saw you clean the mirrors and our glass doors with a bottle. [01:51.18]What is it? Oh,that?It's called Windex. [01:56.74]We always use it for glass and mirrors. [02:01.18]I notice you've got different bottles. [02:05.86]Are they all for glass and mirrors? [02:09.80]Good thing you've noticed. [02:13.77]They are Ajax and Exit Mould,for cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. [02:19.94]5.Listen,read and act. [02:26.10]Mrs.Davis is showing Li Meng and Xiaohong how to do their washing. [02:32.66]Mrs.Davis,I've put my laundry in the washing machine. [02:38.72]What do I do now? [02:41.78]Let me see.Oh,you've put too much inside. [02:47.24]You can't get a good wash that way. [02:51.31]Here,leave these till next time. [02:55.67]Shall I turn on the machine? [02:59.75]Not yet.First turn on the water tap. [03:04.50]Press the buttons to set the time and then put the detergent into the slot. [03:10.96]Lastly turn on the machine. [03:14.72]How much detergent do I need to put in? [03:19.16]One cupful of powder or liquid is enough to clean a full load. [03:25.22]I'll remember that. [03:28.46]Now,where shall I hang my clothes when they are done? [03:33.79]There's a clothes-line in our backyard. [03:38.04]Just hang everything there and they'll get dry quickly on sunny days like this. [03:44.42]9.Listen,read and act. [03:49.88]Xiaohong forgets to wash her red T-shirt separately and as a result, [03:57.64]she finds all the other clothes being washed at the same time have been stained. [04:04.48]Li Meng,come here.I've got a problem. [04:09.44]I don't know what to do new. [04:12.97]See all my clothes? Do they look all right to you? [04:17.83]Obviously not!What strange colours!What happened? [04:23.89]It's all my fault. [04:27.76]I put my red T-shirt in and forgot that the colour runs. [04:33.61]So? So they are all red now.That should I do? [04:39.17]Let's see.I heard Daniel talk about bleach once. [04:45.10]Let's ask him what that is and if it can help get rid of the red colour. [04:51.16]10.Listen and read. [04:56.20]Sharing family chores! [05:00.64] There's always bad news and good news about family chores. [05:07.12]Bad news first:chore wars will always be with us. [05:13.08]No matter how equally your family housework is divided, [05:18.43]not many people enjoy doing family house work. [05:23.79]Children will probably never prefer cleaning the bathroom to playing computer games. [05:30.74] The good news? [05:34.21]There can be great joy working with children to manage and clean a home. [05:41.16]The joys can come from the methods which are used. [05:45.89]For example,those used by Jim and Robert's mother. [05:51.48] "Mum,have you worked out next week's family chores? [05:56.94]Let Jim and I choose them quickly. [06:00.99]I can't wait.It's fun." [06:04.85] As Robert shouted out, [06:09.29]his mother had already laid out the 3-by-5 cards on their big dinning table. [06:16.06]On the colourful cards,words like these were written: [06:21.62]"mop the floor,clean your bedroom,help mum cook, [06:27.66]wash vegetables,make beds,feed the fish, [06:33.59]cut the bushes,clean the bathroom" and many others. [06:39.52]Jim and Robert were allowed to choose two cards for each day from Monday to Friday. [06:46.67]Then they would hang them on the weekday assignment board. [06:51.85]Jim is the world's finest cleaner of bathrooms [06:57.31](aside from using enough water to fill a backyard swimming pool). [07:02.87]He picked up the card "clean the bathroom". [07:07.73]Robert loves to push the vacuum across the carpet, [07:12.69]so he picked up his favoourite card. [07:17.05]Jim again picked up "walk the dog" and Robert chose "feed the fish". [07:24.29]Soon all the cards were happily taken away by the two boys. [07:30.22] In order to help the children do family chores, [07:35.68]their mother thought hard and came up with this idea. [07:40.83]Of course,the parents did the family chores on the weekends [07:46.47]and left Jim and Robert two days free. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171121/512996.html