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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 16 The soccer trip [00:05.20]1.Listen and practice in pairs. [00:10.84]LiMeng and his teammates are on their way to a country school for a soccer match. [00:17.92]They are talking with their coach Mr.Hudson. [00:22.60]LiMeng:Can you tell us something about the other team,Mr.Hudson? [00:27.56]Mr.Hudson:Of course.Those boys are"hard"fellows. They train hard and play hard. [00:34.93]Daniel:We've also trained hard. [00:38.77]We'll be good.You'll see. Mr.Hudson:I believe you,Daniel.Our guys are quick. [00:45.01]I just want you to think about the tactics I told you. [00:50.16]LiMeng:Tactics? [00:53.39]Daniel:The tricks he told us about.Remember? [00:57.84]LiMeng:Yeah,I know.The mind stuff. [01:02.09]Bob:Mr.Hudson is a man who's got all kinds of tricks to surprise everyone. [01:08.86]Mr.Hudson:That's right.We need both our muscles and our brains,boys. [01:15.81]Steven:Where's Ted,our team captain? [01:20.85]Ted:I'm here,in a back seat.What's up? [01:25.11]Steven:Have you told LiMeng about the words? [01:29.57]LiMeng:What words? [01:32.53]Daniel:The words he told you the other day. [01:36.29]Like"king"means to block the other guy and "tea"means to pass the ball over. [01:43.13]I hope you didn't forget. [01:46.79]LiMeng:No,I remember them all right. [01:50.55]Steven:Good.We'll beat them hard and drive them crazy. [01:55.88]5.Listen and act. [02:01.16]LiMeng is now in a country shool. [02:06.01]He is very interested and is talking with Daniel about it. [02:11.37]LiMeng:This country school surprises me. [02:15.81]They have a soccer field and many other things. Daniel:Yeah. [02:20.77]Many people love soccer. [02:24.54]LiMeng:A soccer field for a school this size.Soccer must mean a lot to them. [02:31.30]Daniel:I suppose so.It's a good game. [02:35.38]LiMeng:I don't think they can often have matches with other teams though, [02:40.42]if you think of the distance from here to other places. [02:45.28]Daniel:That's probably true.But they can always watch TV and learn something. [02:51.44]I've heard them talk about Beckham and Manchester United. [02:57.11]LiMeng:Maybe.But nothing can beat a real game. [03:01.97]Daniel:True!That's why we are here. [03:05.91]9.Listen adn read. Big Star--YaoMing [03:14.09]"It's been my dream to play in the NBA [03:19.44]ever since the first time I saw a game on TV many years ago. [03:25.69]It filled me with a sense of joy that words simply could not desCRIbe." [03:31.93]YaoMing once said to the media. [03:35.77]Yao,known as the"Walking Great Wall"and one of the best basketball stars in China, [03:43.22]successflly joined the Houston Rockets in 2002. [03:49.09]That 2.26-metre height has helped NBA All-Star YaoMing. [03:55.94]He is 22 year olds and very comfortable on the basketball court. [04:02.91]Yao's excellent skills have shocked the NBA stars, [04:08.56]affected the other top teams in the NBA [04:13.02]and helped the Rockets achieve several important victories in the NBA. [04:19.19]Yao Ming is a very nice person. [04:24.33]he is hardworking,self-confident,respectful,talented,heroic and Light-hearted. [04:32.90]Duffy is Yao Ming's basketball agent and he said [04:38.83]"Helping Yao to become this successful was the hardest thing I have ever done". [04:45.18]"When I first saw him play in China,he was only 17 year olds. [04:52.26]People thought I was crazy, [04:56.62]but I said he would be the player every team wanted to have." [05:02.08]Duffy was right. [05:05.92]yao has become one of the most successful players of the past 20 years in the NBA. [05:13.08]YaoMing is very popular in the United States as well as in China. [05:19.35]On Dec.5th,2002,Yao participated in an Internet chat on the Chinese Sohu.com. [05:29.20]According to the web site, [05:32.85]almost 9 million users logged in during the 12-hour chat. [05:38.81]YaoMing is a national hero. [05:43.77]Though his dream has been fulfilled, [05:47.85]he still plays hard and makes progress every day. [05:53.41]We are looking forward to having YaoMing play in China again. [05:58.97]13.Listen,read and act. [06:05.04]LiMeng and Daniel have got back home feeling tired but happy. [06:11.91]They are telling Xiaohong about the exciting match they had that day. [06:17.65]Xiaohong:How was your game today ? Was is good? [06:22.33]LiMeng:Good?It was great!We won the game 3:1. [06:28.21]Xiaohong:Who scored all the goals? [06:31.73]Daniel:LiMeng scored once and our captain Ted scored twice. [06:37.48]Xiaohong:That's very good,LiMeng.You're scoring for the team already. [06:43.25]LiMeng:Yeah.I really liked that one.If I kicked a little to the left. [06:49.00]I would've missed it. [06:52.24]But I think the other team did a great job too,especially their goalkeeper. [06:58.30]Daniel:I think so.He's the one I told you about on the way. [07:03.94]Xiaohong:I wish I had been at the game too.Can I go with you guys next time? [07:10.42]LiMeng:You surprise me.You're the one who hates soccer games. [07:15.75]Xiaohong:Things have changed.You never know. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171121/512995.html