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It would have been hard to find a lovelier or more lovable child than Elsie, as she stood with a cloud of golden hair floating over her shoulders, smiling brightly, showing no signs of shyness or fatigue, though she had been playing to an immense audience. I was only just learning to speak, and had previously repeated her name until I could say it perfectly. Imagine my delight when she understood the few words I spoke to her and without hesitation stretched her hand to greet me. 我得说,你很难找到一个像莱斯利这么惹人喜爱的小孩了,尤其是当她面带微笑,顶着一头如云般飘逸垂肩的金发默默伫立时,你更感到妙不可言。她丝毫没有流露出胆怯或者疲惫的迹象,尽管她所面对的是台下的一大群观众。那时我只是刚开始学习讲话,于是我预先把“莱斯利”的名字重复了一遍又一遍,直到我能通顺自如地说出口。想象一下,当她听懂了我对她说的几个词语,并且毫不犹豫地伸出手来向我问候时,这该是多么令人高兴的事啊。 Is it not true, then, that my life with all its limitations touches at many points the life of the World Beautiful? Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content. 因此,难道不可以这样说——我的生命正是带着它所有的局限性,从许多角度来感受世间万物之美的吗?每一种事物都有它的神奇之处,即使像黑暗和寂静这样的事也不例外。而且,我已经领悟到了生活的真谛,所以无论身处何境,我都会欣然面对。 Sometimes, it is true, a sense of isolation enfolds me like a cold mist as I sit alone and wait at life's shut gate. Beyond there is light, and music, and sweet companionship; but I may not enter. Fate, silent, pitiless, bars the way. Fain would I question his imperious decree, for my heart is still undisciplined and passionate; but my tongue will not utter the bitter, futile words that rise to my lips, and they fall back into my heart like unshed tears. Silence sits immense upon my soul. Then comes hope with a smile and whispers, "There is joy in self-forgetfulness." So I try to make the light in others' eyes my sun, the music in others' ears my symphony, the smile on others' lips my happiness. 有时候,一种与世隔绝的无助感也会将我裹挟,如同将我抛进一股寒冷的雾霭当中,我孤独地坐在那道关闭的生命之门面前苦苦等待。门的那一边有光明,有乐音,有甜蜜的友情;但是我却无法进入。苦难、沉寂、冷酷的命运之手将我挡在门外。于是,我不得不对它(命运)那专横的天条质疑,因为我仍有一颗恣肆昂扬而充满激情的心。但是,我的舌头将不会发出苦难的声音。当徒劳的话语到达嘴边的时候,它们就会像尚未流出的眼泪一样再次退却到我的心房,无边的寂静压在我的心头。这时希望就会微笑着窃窃私语:“喜悦存在于忘我之中。”于是,我努力把我心中的太阳照耀进别人的眼中,把我心中的交响乐在别人的耳中奏响,把我的快乐镌刻在别人的脸庞上。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171120/512828.html