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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 17 A visit to Kangaroo lsland [00:05.38]1.Listen,read and act. [00:10.55]How would you spend the time if you had a few days' holiday? [00:15.60]Would you like to go sightseeing? Where would you like to go? [00:21.16]Mr.Davis is driving his family,LiMeng and Xiaohong to Kangaroo Island. [00:28.24]As the name suggests,it's a good place to see kangaroos and koalas. [00:35.00]Mr.Davis:It's a long drive,folks,but there'll be exciting things ahead of us. [00:40.46]Daniel:Like animals you've always loved to see,the lovely big kangaroos, [00:46.71]the always-sleeping koalas or even the cute little penguins if we're lucky. [00:52.87]Mrs.Davis:And delicious food too: [00:56.71]the locally made sheep's milk cheese and yogurt,the nice honey and all. [01:03.19]Mr.Davis:Plus fishing on a boat.Let's see who can get the biggest catch! [01:09.12]LiMeng:Oh,yeay.I remember you have a photo with a big fish. [01:14.87]Is that your biggest catch? [01:18.21]Mr.Davis:That's right!That was five years ago. [01:22.26]It took me two hours to get it into the boat.That was a big,long,silver fish. [01:28.82]You should have seen the shine on him.A beautiful thing. [01:34.17]Mrs.Davis:Fishing is his favourite. [01:37.93]He would love to go every day if he didn't have to work. [01:42.97]Daniel:And I would go with him [01:46.34]swimming,snorkeling,or even surfing when there's a big wind. [01:51.80]Xiaohong:That sounds so much fun, [01:55.57]but I wonder if I might get a chance to get close to the kangaroos and feed them. [02:01.81]Mrs.Davis:I think so.They are usually harmless. [02:06.38]Xiaohong:Oh,have you brought our camera along,LiMeng? [02:10.82]We should take some photos and send them to our friends. [02:15.50]I wonder what they woould say. [02:19.34]LiMeng:Yeah,I got it.It's in the small green bay in the back. [02:24.38]Xiaohong:I also want to feed those koalas.They're so cute,like big toys. [02:30.31]Daniel:Xiaohong,do you know what koalas eat? [02:35.17]5.Listen,read and act. [02:40.44]Have you ever fed any animals?Was it fun?What do different animals eat? [02:47.11]Mr.Davis:Here we are.This is Flinders Chase National Park. [02:52.15]a place to see our lovely animals. [02:56.38]Mrs.Davis:Let's buy some food for the animals from the shop before we go in. [03:01.81](They buy some food for the animals and then go to feed them) [03:07.06]Daniel:Come with me.I know where to find them. [03:11.03]The kangaroos like to stay in the shady places under the trees. [03:16.49]Xiaohong:Oh,look over there.I see two kangaroos. [03:21.35]Let's go slowly.We don't want to scare them. [03:26.00]Mre.Davis:Here,take this bag.You can feed him now.Be careful. [03:31.67]LiMeng:He's got a funny big nose.Look at the way he eats. [03:37.60](Xiaohong holds out her hand with some food in it) [03:42.25]Xiaohong:Oh,it's wet!It's funny!He's a slow eater! [03:47.71]Daniel:Xiaohong,want to look in the big eucalyptus trees [03:52.67]What to know what koalas eat? [03:56.23]7.Listen and read. [04:01.08]Kangaroos [04:04.14]They are marsupials. They are the only large mammal that can hop. [04:11.51]Males are called bucks.Females are called does. [04:17.88]Babies are called joeys.Joeys live in their mothers pouch,drinking her milk. [04:26.42]Kangaroos'general features include strong back limbs,long back feet, [04:33.19]the ability to hop,inability to walk backwards,a lack o fthumbs, [04:39.95]powerful and long,clawed fourth toe which does [04:44.92]much of the work in completing the push of a hop, [04:50.25]a tail that helps with balance during fast hopping, [04:55.31]a mostly vegetarian diet and a marsupial pouch for its young baby. [05:02.26]Kangaroos and wallabies are marsupials [05:06.63]that belong to a small group of animals called macropods. [05:12.40]The word"macropod"actually means"big foot". [05:17.36]Most macropods have hind legs larger than their forelimbs, [05:23.53]large hind feet,and long muscular tails. [05:29.09]They are only found naturally in Australia and Papua and New Guinea. [05:35.02]All kangaroos and wallabies have forward-opening pouches. [05:40.38]Other marsupials-including wombats and koalas-have pouches that open backwards. [05:47.95]There are 45 species of kangaroos and wallabies,such as,red kangaroos, [05:55.32]grey kangaroos,tree kangaroos,rat-kangaroos and many more. [06:02.48]Kangaroos and wallabies lice just about everywhere in Australia! [06:08.82]They are most active at night,dusk and dawn. [06:14.10]Kangaroos rest in the heat of the day. [06:18.46]They dig shallow holes under trees anad lie in the cool sand. [06:25.02]They pant like dogs and they are very good swimmers. [06:30.66]They have very good hearing,eyesight and a keen sense of smell. [06:36.90]They eat young green shoots high in protein and being more mobile than sheep, [06:43.67]they can often select the best vegetation in an area for themselves. [06:49.73]10.Listen,read and act. [06:55.19]Have you ever been siting in a tram drawn by a big,handsome horse? [07:01.36]Want to know how it feels?Come for a ride to Granite Island. [07:07.60]LiMeng:This is impressive.So many people sit in this tram drawn by one horse! [07:14.26]This horse must be super strong. [07:18.23]Mr.Davis:Yeah.They belong to a special breed which is good for hard and heavy work. [07:25.28]Xiaohong:Why is it wearing those rubber things near its eyes? [07:30.14]Mrs.Davis:I suppose to make sure it concentrates on what it's trying to do. [07:36.02]Those rubber things make sure it can see the tram track and not much else. [07:42.50]Daniel:I hope it keeps concentrating.I don't want to end up in the water. [07:48.74]Mr.Davis:After we see everything here,we'll drive to Victor Harbor. [07:54.02]There's a beautiful sandy beach down there.I'm sure you kids will love it. [07:59.97]LiMeng:Great!My friends have been talking about it and showing me the photos. [08:05.30]Thanks,dad.You're so considerate. [08:09.53]Xiaohong:What a way to finish our holiday!I'll always remember it. [08:14.97]14.Let's sing [08:19.51]I've learned a lot of things. [08:23.46]I've arrived at a new place,and see something funny. [08:42.40]Drivers drive on teh left side,but the policemen are happy. [08:50.16]I've come to an old place,but something is new. [08:57.91]Men are standing with skirts and blowing their bagpipes. [09:05.96]I've visited a beautiful place,and the thing is strange. [09:13.12]The animals are kept free but people stay in the cars. [09:21.48]I've seen a big animal and it jumps with a baby. [09:40.13]I've noticed a small bat,hanging with its feet. [09:47.99]I've learned a lot of things and this is what I need. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171120/512682.html