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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 17 I passed! [00:04.99]1.Listen,read and practice in pairs. [00:11.83]An important test is coming and LiMeng is very worried. [00:18.39]He is telling Daniel and Mr.Davis about his worries. [00:23.85]Mr.Davis:You look worried,LiMENG.Is there any problem? Doyou want to talk? [00:30.51]LiMeng:Yeah.Mr.Davis.The thing is I've got an important test next week [00:37.46]but I don't think I'm ready for it. [00:41.22]Mr.Davis:What subject is it? [00:44.59]LiMeng:Science.It's always been a difficult subject for me. [00:50.05]It's not really the knowledge, [00:53.60]but the language and the lab experiments which give me headaches. [00:59.25]Daniel:Did you guys do experiments in your school back in China? [01:04.60]LiMeng:Yes.The science lab used to be my favourite place, [01:10.24]but now,with all the new terms,everything confuses me. [01:16.02]Mr.Davis:That's understandable. [01:19.67]You need to learn two things at a time:the language and the knowledge. [01:26.23]LiMeng:Yeah.Each time I finish a science class,I feel so tired. [01:32.40]Daniel:Don't worry.If you read the science textbook [01:35.48]and use your dictionary more often, [01:39.24]you'll get used to the terms. [01:43.08]LiMeng:I hope so.But what shall I do with my test?I've only got a week now. [01:49.74]Mr.Davis:Take it easy.I'm sure Daniel can help you. [01:54.60]Science is a strong subject for him.You two can revise together. [02:01.08]Daniel:Yeah.There's nothing to worry about.Let's get started now. [02:06.72]4.Listen and act. [02:11.58]Daniel is telling LiMeng now to revise for his test. [02:17.95]Daniel:Now,what you can do is to pick out the difficult words you have in the textbook [02:24.48]and write them and their meanings down in your notebook. [02:29.47]LiMeng:Yeah? [02:32.11]Daniel:Then you can take them out whenever you have time and review them. [02:37.75]LiMeng:Ok,Sounds easy to do.But the book!All the chapters. [02:44.23]How can I remember all that? [02:48.07]Daniel:Have you ever tried drawing outlines? [02:52.23]LiMeng:Outlines?For what? [02:56.07]Daniel:For all the important facts.They are actually all linked. [03:01.73]You just need to find the hidden links. [03:05.78]Then you'll have a map sort of thing in your mind. [03:10.96]Memorizing the facts will then become easy. [03:15.40]LiMeng:A map?I've never thought about it before. [03:20.36]6.Listen and read. [03:26.24]Learning strategies [03:30.60]Knowing how to study is like knowing how to fish. [03:36.16]Fishing and studying both require sets of skills that last a lifetime [03:43.43]and bring many rewards. [03:47.29]Just as there are ways to become a better fisherman, [03:52.15]there are also ways to become a better student. [03:56.80]Your teachers will help you to become a better student [04:02.16]by developing very useful learning strategies. [04:07.33]Learning strategies or study skills,whatever you call them, [04:13.18]play a vital role for those who want to improve their learning performances and effciency. [04:20.75]The following 26 letters may help you further create your own ways of learning [04:28.20]and make your learning more enjoyable. [04:32.88]Aim at a high goal and try to achieve what you want. [04:40.63]Be sure to read as many books as you can [04:46.80]since books can provide you with many things. [04:51.66]Correspond with your classmates or friends in English. [04:58.42]Dictionary use can help you improve your English. [05:05.27]End yoou English problems by practice every day. [05:12.63]Friends can help you with your spoken English practice. [05:19.40]Games are fun and can help you to learn English. [05:26.66]Help others and others will help you in return. [05:33.82]Imitate what a native speaker says. [05:40.27]Jot down any good English words,phrases and sentences. [05:46.41]Know how to communicate with others in English. [05:52.89]Listen to native speakers,the radio and/or any spoken English. [06:02.27]Manage your time properly and effeciently. [06:09.21]Narrate a story in English and share it with your friends. [06:16.29]Overcome any difficulties and go on learning. [06:23.06]Push yourself to work hard when you are learning. [06:29.83]Question yourself and your friends often. [06:36.20]Recite good sentences and phrases. [06:42.86]Speak to many people.Talk to your teachers about your learning problems. [06:53.13]Understand others by listening very carefully. [07:00.08]Value the work you have done and build your confidence. [07:07.65]Warble any English songs.Xerox any printed materials. [07:19.30]Yearn to learn more English.Zest is something you have to bear in mind. [07:30.25]9.Listen and act. [07:36.12]It's dinner time.LiMeng is telling everyone he did very well in the test. [07:43.49]LiMeng:Guess what?I did very well in the test,thanks to Daniel's advice. [07:50.05]Mr.Davis:I'm glad to hear it.I knew you could do it.You're smart and hard-working. [07:56.29]Daniel:It's good the map idea worked. [08:00.37]That's what I always do each time I need to revise. [08:05.83]Xiaohong:Map idea?What's that?What have you guys been doing? [08:11.78]LiMeng:Daniel told me to draw an outline for every chapter in my book. [08:17.24]That way I can form a map in my mind of all the important things I need to know. [08:23.69]It was good.I can remember so much that way. [08:28.87]Xiaohong:You used to complain about your memory.Are you really good now? [08:34.51]LiMeng:Yeah.I never thought about changing my study methods. [08:39.86]Mrs.Davis:It's good you're learning how to learn. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171120/512675.html