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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.00]Unit 18 A birthday party [00:05.38]1.Listen,read and practice in pairs. [00:12.36]Mr.Davis will be turning 45 years old next week. [00:18.91]LiMeng and Xiaohong are discussing what birthday present to get him. [00:24.84]LiMeng:Did you know Mr.Davis'birthday is just around the corner? [00:30.77]He's been so good to us.We should get him something nice for his birthday. [00:36.73]Xiaohong:Yes.He is just like a dad to me.I really want to thank him. [00:42.97]LiMeng:What present do you have in mind? [00:46.92]Xiaohong:I don't know.I've never looked at men's things. [00:51.96]You should know about men's tastes. [00:55.93]LiMeng:I don't think he needs anything. [00:59.87]If we want to buy him clothes,we don't know his size yet. [01:05.54]Xiaohong:Well,then forget about your clothes idea. [01:10.40]Let's think of something else. [01:14.06]LiMeng:Manybe we should get him something to use. [01:18.60]Xiaohong:Like what? [01:21.55]LiMeng:Like a pen or something.Oh,I know.Mr.Davis likes painting. [01:27.72]He did all the paintihgs we see in the house. [01:31.87]Xiaohong:So?LiMeng:So we can go to the mall and choose a nice picture frame for him. [01:38.12]Xiaohong:Sounds good.But I don't recall having seen anything like that in any store. [01:44.67]LiMeng:That's easy.There's no need to run around. [01:49.53]We can just check the Yellow Pages and locate the stores. [01:54.81]Xiaohong:Right!How come I never thought about the telephone directory myself? [02:01.26]LiMeng:That's why you've got to listen to your big brother. [02:05.70]4.Listen,read and act. [02:12.15]Xiaohong is helping Mrs.Davis in the kitchen. [02:17.90]They want to throw a birthday party for Mr.Davis. [02:23.65]Xiaohong:I really love the decorations you put on the cake. [02:29.08]The cake looks so good.It's just like one from the stores. [02:35.12]Mrs.Davis:That's easy.See all my cookbooks up there? [02:40.08]You just need to follow them step by step. [02:44.44]You'll learn these things in your home economics class. [02:49.69]Xiaohong:Sounds like fun.We have tried a few simple things in that class. [02:56.22]Mrs.Davis:Oh,good.So what can you make now? [03:00.58]Xiaohong:Not much yet.I've learned how to make a fruit drink. [03:06.23]Mrs.Davis:Is that so?What drink? [03:10.48]Xiaohong:It's kind of banana drink.Shall I make some for our party? [03:16.23]Mrs.Davis:Yes.Why not? [03:19.71]I'm sure your dad will love to try something you've prepared for him yourself. [03:25.95]6.Listen and read. [03:31.72]The fishing trip [03:35.48]Almost every young man has had at least one [03:40.53]good experience with his father he will never forget. [03:45.38]At the age of five or six [03:49.75]my father and I tried to figure out something to do on his day off. [03:55.91]We had laid out quite a few options such as golf,bowling,or the movies. [04:03.04]"That's it."I heard my father say."We will go fishing." [04:09.08]I sat on the couch and thought to myself [04:13.52]that I had never experienced fishing before and that I might have fun. [04:19.37]Later that night my father and I made a trip to the store to find me a rod and reel. [04:27.42]We picked out a new reel with a rod, [04:31.96]which at the time many considered top of the line. [04:37.03]We also picked up a few hooks and bobbers. [04:42.28]Afterward,we headed back home and my father taught me how to work my new reel. [04:49.85]After an hour or so we went inside to help Mum pack our lunches [04:56.41]and then we hurried off to bed. [05:00.17]At six o'clock the next morning we got up and started our journey. [05:06.34]My father told me if I wanted to sleep on the way I could,so of course I did. [05:13.60]We finally reached our destination. [05:18.35]It was a countryside pond. [05:22.72]He then taught me how to bait my hook with a live shrimp and how to cast my reel. [05:29.80]About two hours passed before anything bit,but when the fish did,the fun began. [05:38.26]All of a sudden the fish started bithing [05:42.91]and one after another we pulled them out of the water-red fish, [05:49.47]hardhead catfish and drum. [05:53.83]I would never forget that day because we caught about thirty fish [06:00.88]and I did it with the help of my father. [06:05.24]It was one of the most memorable times in my life. [06:10.60]8.Listen,read and act. [06:16.48]It's party time.Mr.Davis is very much moved by what he sees in front of him. [06:25.02]Everyone:Happy birthday! [06:29.69]Mrs.Davis:Oh,thank you.Thank you all for this.Can I open the presents now? [06:35.94]Mrs.Davis:Yes.Go ahead,Frank.We've all been waiting for this moment ourselves. [06:42.49]Xiaohong:Now,dad,guess what's inside. [06:46.94]Mr.Davis:I don't know.But it certainly looks big and feels heavy. [06:52.89]Let's see...Oh,Thank you,kids. [07:00.55]This picture frame looks so nice [07:04.91]just the right colour I want for a picture I have in mind. [07:10.37]Mrs.Davis:That's so sweet of them. [07:14.13]I'm sure they've looked really hard in the stores for something like this. [07:20.08]LiMeng:Not very hard. [07:23.43]We looked in the Yellow Pages and that saved us a lot of time and effort. [07:29.31]Daniel:Dad loves cool colours.How did you figure that out? [07:34.58]Xiaohong:We spent quite some time studying the paintings in the house. [07:40.51]So I can say I've got the feel of it. [07:45.16]Mr.Davis:Thank you,kids.You often amaze me with your talents. [07:50.73]10.Let's sing. [07:56.00]I had a party yesterday [08:00.68]I had a party yesterday,yesterday,because it was my birthday. [08:22.62]It was five o'clock in the afternoon and many friends came. [08:40.07]I had my birthday yesterday,yesterday,and I was extremely happy. [08:53.13]We sang songs and had a birthday cake.I blew out the candles and cut the cake. [09:05.99]We ate cake,danced and played some games.We played until it was very late. [09:17.64]I had a party yesterday.I was extremely happy. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171120/512674.html