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TED十佳演讲之感动重临 一人饰演地球村内多个角色(03)

So many others you see, they're just wonderful. It's lovely to know they're concerned, you know. 还有其他好多人,他们都很棒。得知他们(对会上讨论的这些问题)非常关注,我很高兴 And -- oh, I saw Goldie Hawn. Oh, Goldie Hawn. I love her, too; she's wonderful. Yeah. 噢对,我还见到了戈尔迪霍恩。噢天哪,戈尔迪霍恩,我太喜欢她了,她真的很棒,是的 You know, she's only half Jewish. Did you know that about her? 她只有一半的犹太血统。你知道这件事吗 Yeah. But even so, a wonderful talent. 是的,但是即使这样,她还是非常有天赋的 And I -- you know, when I saw her, such a wonderful feeling. Yeah, she's lovely. 而我,当我见到她的时候,我感觉太棒了。是的,她真是太可爱了 But anyway, I should have started by saying just how lucky I feel. 好了话说回来,我应该先讲讲我感觉多么幸运 It's such an eye-opening experience to be here. 这里真是令我大开眼界 You're all so responsible for this world that we live in today. 对于我们生存的这个世界,你们承担着如此重大的责任 You know, I couldn't have dreamed of such a thing as a young girl. 要知道,当我还是小姑娘的时候,这样的事情简直是不可想像的 And you've all made these advancements happen in such a short time -- you're all so young. 而你们在这么短的时间里实现了所有这些进步和发展,而且你们都如此年轻 You know, your parents must be very proud. 你们的父母一定为你们感到非常骄傲 But I -- I also appreciate the diversity that you have here. I noticed it's very multicultural. 而且我也非常喜欢这里的多样性。我发现这里汇集了多元文化 You know, when you're standing up here, you can see all the different people. 当你站在这里的时候,你能见到各种各样的人 It's like a rainbow. It's okay to say rainbow. Yeah. 这就像是一道彩虹。对,没错,用”彩虹“这个词完全没有问题 I just -- I can't keep up with whether you can say, you know, the different things. 其实我总是反应不过来,不知道什么词能用什么词不能用 What are you allowed to say or not say? I just -- I don't want to offend anybody. You know. 什么话能说,什么话不能说。要知道,我真是不想冒犯任何人 But anyway, you know, I just think that to be here with all of you accomplished young people 好吧,不管怎样,我只是觉得,跟你们在一起,跟你们这些年轻人在一起 literally, some of you, the architects building our brighter future. You know, it's heartening to me. 而且你们当中有些是建筑师,就是要搭建我们更美好的未来的。跟你们在一起让我振奋不已 Even though, quite frankly, some of your presentations are horrifying, absolutely horrifying. It's true. It's true. 虽然,老实说,你们有些人做的演讲非常可怕,绝对令人震惊。真的,真的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171115/511296.html