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TED十佳演讲之感动重临 一人饰演地球村内多个角色(02)

And so I've brought a couple of them with me. And well, they're very excited. 我今天把她们几个一起带来了。她们都非常激动 What I should tell you -- what I should tell you is that they've each prepared their own little TED talks. 我要告诉你们,她们每个人都准备了一小段TED演讲 So feel free to think of this as Sarah University. 所以你们尽可以把这里想成是莎拉大学 Okay. Okay. Oh, well. Oh, wonderful. Good evening everybody. 好了,好了。噢,太棒了。大家晚上好 Thank you so very much for having me here today. 非常感谢今天能让我来到这里 Ah, thank you very much. My name is Lorraine Levine. 啊,非常感谢你们,我的名字叫珞琳莱文 Oh my! There's so many of you. Hi sweetheart. Okay. 噢,我的天呀,有这么多人啊。你好,亲爱的 Anyway, I am here because of a young girl, Sarah Jones. She's a very nice, young black girl. 好了,我今天来到这里是因为一个年轻姑娘,她叫莎拉琼斯。她是个非常好的年轻黑人姑娘 Well you know, she calls herself black -- she's really more like a caramel color if you look at her. But anyway. 你们知道,她说她自己是黑人,实际上她是焦糖色,如果你仔细看的话。算了不管它了 She has me here because she puts me in her show, what she calls her one-woman show. 她叫我来这儿参加她的演出,参加她的“一个女人一台戏”的表演 And you know what that means, of course. 你们知道那是什么意思,当然了 That means she takes the credit and then makes us come out here and do all the work. But I don't mind. 那就是说,活儿是我们来干,但是功劳都归她。但我并不介意 Frankly, I'm kvelling just to be here with all the luminaries you have attending something like this, you know. 说实话,能来到这里我特别高兴,有这么多的专家来到这里 Really, it's amazing. 真是太棒了 Not only, of course, the scientists and all the wonderful giants of the industries but the celebrities. 这里不光是有科学家们和各行各业的领袖人物,这里还有好多名人 There are so many celebrities running around here. I saw -- Glenn Close I saw earlier. I love her. 好多名人在这里进进出出。刚才我见到了葛伦克罗丝,我特别喜欢她 And she was getting a yogurt in the Google cafe. Isn't that adorable? 她那会儿刚好在谷歌咖啡厅拿酸奶。这简直是太棒了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171115/511295.html