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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第03集 第07期

你们三人这么激动 只想赢得辩论 You three get so excited about winning arguments, 但你们忘了重点 you forget the point! -福瑞克夫人 -谢谢您 法官阁下 - Mrs. Florrick. - Thank you, Your Honor. 汤姆斯夫人 那位男士是你 Mrs. Toms, is that man over there a customer 饲料种子店的顾客吗 at your feed and seed store? 是 女士 他买了我们的非转基因种子 Yes, ma'am. He bought our non-GMO seeds. 他不是反转基因什么的 He wasn't anti-GMO or anything, just... 他说他不想出大价钱 he said he didn't want to pay big prices. 他在2012年停止购买种子对吗 And did he stop buying these seeds in 2012? 是 他告诉我丈夫 Yeah. He told my husband... 反对 法官阁下 传闻证据 Objection, Your Honor. Hearsay. 804条 传闻的例外 法官阁下 804 exception, Your Honor. 陈述人无法出庭 Declarant is unavailable. 汤姆斯先生已经去世了 Mrs. Toms' husband is deceased. -这有区别吗 -慢着 - That doesn't make any difference. - Wait. Wait. 汤姆斯夫人 凯勒先生是否有和你直接讨论过 Mrs. Toms, did Mr. Keller ever discuss with you directly 他为何不再购买种子 why he stopped buying seeds? -没有 -那么反对有效 - No. - Then I sustain the objection. 法官阁下 这太荒谬了 Your Honor, this is ridiculous. 真正荒谬的是福瑞克夫人 What's ridiculous is Mrs. Florrick 无法接受输... not being able to accept a loss... 嘿 给我闭嘴 Hey! Shut up! 你打了电话 Did you call? 我妻子打的 他有时间 My wife did. She has time. 好的 Good. 我们得告诉他们 这些律师 We're gonna have to tell them. The lawyers? 给他们一个定局比较好 It's just better to give them a foregone conclusion. 什么定局 What foregone conclusion? 凯里 这样对我们没用 Cary... this isn't working for us. 什么没用 What isn't? 庭审 The trial. 先生 你应该跟你的律师说 Sir, you should be talking to your own lawyer. 问题就在这里 That's the problem. 庭审重点在律师 不是我们 It's about the lawyers, not us. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/The-Good-Wife-06-03-7.html