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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第03集 第06期

有没有可能 这些强风 so isn't it possible that these high winds 把你的专利种子吹到了我委托人的田里 blew your patented seeds onto my client's field? 反对 引导证人推测 Objection. Calls for speculation. 如果施密特先生要盘问气象学家 If Mr. Schmidt wants to question a meteorologist, 那就让气象学家上庭 then bring in a meteorologist. 反对有效 下一个问题 施密特先生 Sustained. Move on, Mr. Schmidt. 我有好消息 I have some good news. 还有坏消息吗 And some bad news? 不 只是好消息 No, just... good news. 你太紧张了 You're so tense. 州检察官失去了针对你的证人 The state's attorney lost its witness against you. 什么 What? 毕夏普帮派里的线人 The confidential informant on Bishop's crew-- 带窃听器的那个 the one wearing the wire. 他是这案子的基础 He was the cornerstone of the case. 他们失去了这位证人 And they lost him. 怎么会失去的 How did they lose him? 我也不知道 I have no idea. 他失踪了 He just went missing. 他之前就害怕作证 He was scared of testifying. 没有他 州检察官无法立案 But without him, the state's attorney has no case. 还没有结束 It's not over yet. 助理检察官要求诉讼延期 两点开庭 The ASA is asking for a continuance at 2:00. 但我相信法官会驳回 But I-I do think the judge will dismiss. 别失去希望 So don't lose hope. 毕夏普找了他吗 Did Bishop get to him? 那个线人 毕夏普找了他吗 The C.I.-- did Bishop get to him? 我想他并不知道是他 Oh, I don't think he knew about him. 我得走了 Anyway, I've got to go. 两点见 I'll see you at 2:00. 谢谢你 戴安 Thank you, Diane. 你说他们有带窃听器的线人吗 You said they had a C.I. with a wire. 是的 Yeah. 我想这事可以自行解决 I think that's gonna take care of itself. 那是因为你知道你没有立案点 It's because you know you have no case. 我想你们忘了盘问的规则 I see you've forgotten the rules of questioning! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/The-Good-Wife-06-03-6.html