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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第03集 第03期

谈这些事吗 to be talking about? 还有人担忧你有意挑选了 Well, there is concern that you are handpicking members 道德委员会的成员 of the ethics commission, 用为首是瞻的家伙换掉了优秀的成员 replacing good people with yes-men. 是吗 谁在担忧这一点 Really? Concern? From whom? 你炒掉了玛丽莲·戈班扎 Well, you fired Marilyn Garbanza, 奎因州长任职期间备受敬重的 one of the most widely respected ethical watchdogs 一位道德监察人 in the Quinn administration. 我是艾丽西娅·福瑞克 Alicia Florrick. 艾丽西娅 我是凯西 Alicia, it's Kathy. 我找你不是为了我自己的事 是为泰拉 I'm not calling for me. It's for Tara. 你好 凯西 一切都还好吧 Oh, Kathy, hi. Is everything all right? 不太好 出现了并发症 No. There's been a complication. 我们在塔夫脱医生办公室 泰拉也正赶来 We're at Dr. Tuft's office, and Tara's headed over here now. 你能过来吗 我觉得她需要你 Can you come? I think she'll need you. 没问题 你还好吧 Sure. Are you okay? 我们一会儿见 I'll see you in a minute. 扎克 你妹妹呢 我得出去一趟 Zach, where's your sister? I have to head out. 她就在那儿 She's right there. 格蕾丝 Grace? 妈妈 Mom, hey. 这是外婆给我买的 Oh, Grandma got it for me. 你喜欢吗 Do you like it? 这真是...哇塞 It's... Wow. 这算是赞美吗 Is that a good wow? 意思是你看起来都不像你了 It's a "You don't look like yourself" Wow. 怎么了 Yes. 加德纳先生 我是曼蒂·珀斯特 Mr. Gardner, this is Mandy Post. 我在为你的合伙人戴安·洛克哈德 I'm fact-checking an article 写一篇采访 想查证一些消息 I'm writing about your partner, Diane Lockhart. 能问你几个问题吗 And I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. 行 问吧 Sure. Go for it. 自从十年前你偷过四万五美金之后 Have you stolen any more money from clients since the $45,000 你还从客户那儿挪用过钱吗 you took ten years ago? 珀斯特女士 我有个电话插进来 Actually, that's another call, Ms. Post. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/The-Good-Wife-05-03-3.html