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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第03集 第02期

洛克哈特女士 Ms. Lockhart? 洛克哈特女士 丽莎让我转告你 Ms. Lockhart, Lisa asked me to give you a message. 伊莱·戈德打电话说 Eli Gold called and wanted you to know: 希望你别担心采访的事 Don't worry about giving the interview. 他有别的办法了 He found another way. 福瑞克先生 你曾表明 And you have said, Mr. Florrick, 你的任职将会是伊利诺伊历届州长中 that your governorship will be the most ethical 最清廉的时期 in the history of Illinois. 我想说 这个标准是不是订得有点低了 I mean, that's a bit of a low bar, isn't it? 毕竟前八任伊利诺伊州长中 Given that four of the last eight 有四位进了监狱 governors have been to prison? 我自己也进过监狱 Well, I've already been to prison myself, 所以我想我已经打过预防针了 so I guess I'm pre-inoculated. 说得好 That's good. 我们再来一张 So why don't we try one 你们俩拥吻的照片如何 with you two kissing arm in arm? 不用了吧 这样就好了 Oh, no, that's all right. -多拍几张嘛 -不必了 - Just for variety. - No. -这些就够了 -那我让孩子们进来了 - These are good. - Shall I bring in the children? 福瑞克女士 目前有传闻说 Mrs. Florrick, can you address 你俩还在分居两处 the rumors that you two are still living 你能就此谈谈吗 in separate apartments? 没问题 我在芝加哥工作 I can. My career is here in Chicago, 彼得则在芝加哥和斯普林菲尔德之间来去 and Peter's is in Chicago and Springfield, 斯普林菲尔德为伊利诺伊州首府 所以我们在两处都有房子 都可以住 so we have residences in both. We use both. 那你们都在芝加哥的时候住一起吗 So when you're both in town, you stay together? -安 -怎么了 这问题可不算刁难 伊莱 - Anne. - What? That is a fair question, Eli. 是的 我们住一起 Yes, we do. 对了 我还知道你们要休假一礼拜 In fact, I understand that you're taking a week off 去夏威夷重续结婚誓言 to go to Hawaii to renew your vows. 好了 安 我们真的要 Okay, Anne, are those really the issues that we want 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/The-Good-Wife-05-03-2.html