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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第05集 第09期

别担心 我来看看是不是你手下有人多嘴 It's okay. I'll see if anyone on your crew is talking. 联邦调查员不会这样一时兴起就跑去查个彻底 The feds don't just get it in their heads like that to go digging. 跟你的毒品生意无关 It's not about your drug business. 事关你的合法生意 It's about your legit businesses. 这就有意思了 Oh, that's interesting. 他们带走了你所有20项合法生意的文件 They took all files from all 20 of your legit businesses 所以我们也不知道他们的目标是哪一个 so we don't know which one is a target. 戴安 要我帮你好好检查下你的法律工作吗 So, Diane, do you need help going through your legal work? 行了 Stop it. 我猜他们在盯着我加油站 My guess is they're looking at some small oversight 或健身俱乐部里的小纰漏以逮捕我 in one of my gas stations or health clubs to arrest me. 找出来是什么 Find out what. 我要你 And I want you. 对 Yes. 警察上门的时候我要你在这儿 I want you here when the cops come. 我不想儿子被吓到 I don't want my son scared. 我不希望在我被捕期间发生意外 And I don't want some accident to befall me during the arrest. 不会有这种事发生的 毕夏普先生 Uh, that won't happen, Mr. Bishop. 抱歉 Excuse me. 会发生的 That will happen. 你留下来没问题吧 Are you okay staying? 没问题 如果耽误得久 Yes. I mean, if it goes longer, 我就需要做些安排 I'll need to make some arrangements. 应该不会 It shouldn't. 如果他会被捕 那就是马上的事 If he's arrested, it'll happen soon. 是因为我是彼得的妻子? It's because I'm Peter's wife? 所以他要我留下来? That's why he wants me? 对 毒枭保姆的最佳人选莫过于... Yes. There's no better babysitter for a kingpin than... 州检察官的妻子 ...The State's Attorney's wife. 对 Yes. 开始吧 Well, here goes. 哈迪时光酒业? And, uh, Hardy Time Liquor? 达伦 达伦·霍兹 他是经理 That's Darren. Darren Holts, manager. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/The-Good-Wife-04-05-9.html