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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第05集 第08期

凯琳达说你400美金一小时 Kalinda here says that you're $400 an hour, 我说是450美金 and I say you're $450. 我也不知道 And, uh, I don't know. 到底是哪个呢 Which one is it? 不知道 我不看账单 I don't know. I don't read the bills. 凯琳达 你还好吧 Kalinda, you good? 我们没事 We're okay. 我现在要出去 回见 I'm gonna head out now, so I'll see you later. 再见 Bye. 好 再见 Yeah, see you. 知道吗 You know what? 她说服了我 She's convinced me. 我们来跟那个黑哥们儿签合同吧 Let's sign that contract with the black guy. 请讲 Speak. 什么 开玩笑吧 What? You're kidding. 恐怕不是 威先生 I'm afraid not, Mr. V. 这叫"诽谤" It's called "Defamation." 你诽谤我的客户彼得·福瑞克 And you defame my client, Peter Florrick, 我们随时准备起诉 and we're more than ready to sue. 那我该怎么做 So, what do I need to do? 不许发表 如果发表 Don't post. If you do, 我们会起诉你要求赔偿300万 we're gonna sue you for $3 million. 但这是事实 新闻已经写好了他们却不刊登 But it's true, the story was written, and they're not gonna print it. 你不了解实情 威先生 You don't know that, Mr. V. 你所知道的都是听来的 All you know is what was said to you. 由于你没有进行事实调查 And since you've done no fact-checking, 很容易惹官司上身 you're open to a suit. 好 把禁止令发给我 我就不发表 Okay. Send me the cease-and-desist order, and I won't post. 你要敢发表 就会失去一切 You post, and you lose everything you own. 我知道 把禁止令发给我 I know. Send me the cease-and-desist. 伊莱 他在耍你 Eli, he's playing you. 无论如何他都发表文章 He's gonna print it either way. 我跟你会计的妻子 斯蒂格利茨女士谈过了 I talked to Mrs. Stiglitz, your accountant's wife. 联邦调查员有搜查令 The feds had a search warrant, 他们从他家带走了所有会计档案 and they took all of his accounting files from his home. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/The-Good-Wife-04-05-8.html