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闪电侠(The Flash) 第02季 第13集 第03期

即便是你跑得慢的时候 even--even when you ran a little bit slower. 我只是 I just... 想知道 I want to make sure 你做这件事 不是因为你觉得 that you're not doing this because you think 你在这里已经没有牵挂了 that you don't have anything left here anymore. 不是因为帕蒂 This isn't about Patty. 不是 It's not. 我是说 当然了 我很想她 I mean, of course, you know, I miss her a lot, 但我知道我在这里拥有什么 but I know what I have here. 我爱我的生活 I love my life. 我爱我的工作 爱当闪电侠 I love my job, being the Flash. 我爱你和乔 I love you and Joe. 我不是想逃跑 I'm not trying to escape. 我保证 I promise. 去打场胜战 巴里 Go win, Barry, 然后回家来 and then come home. 好的 All right. 好了 巴里 听我说 All right, Barry, listen to me. 你将要通过镜子屋 You're about to go through the looking glass. 你将看到很多相似的东西 You're gonna see things that look and feel familiar, 但它们却不一样 but they're not. 上变下 黑变白 Up is down. Black is white, 别让你自己被困在情感之中 And do not let yourself get sucked in emotionally, 祝你好运 and good luck. 如果我们48小时之内没回来 Look, if we're not back in 48 hours, 表示我们败给极速了 that means that Zoom has us. 如果真是如此 If that happens, 你们就得关闭缺口 you have to close the breach. 我们不会关的 We're not gonna do that. 你要安全回来 好吗 You get yourself back here in one piece, all right? 别让我去找你 Don't make me come and get you. 不会 No. 这是写给我父母和丹堤的 I wrote this for my parents and Dante. 我要是回不来 记得交给他 If I don't come back, make sure he gets them. 西斯科 你会回来的 Cisco, you're coming back. 凯特琳 求你了 Caitlin, please. 好 我会的 Okay, I will. 谢谢 Thank you. -小心点 -好 - Be careful. - Yeah. 好的 Okay. -你也小心点 哈里 -斯诺 - You too, Harry. - Snow. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/The-Flash-02-13-3.html