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BBC英国史 第06集 笃信(A History Of Britain 06 Burning convictions) 第31期

但人们不会仅因仇外就废黜玛丽女王 Xenophobia was not enough to dethrone Queen Mary. 怀亚特的大军溃散了 Wyatt's army melted away. 欣喜若狂地获得了孤独的一生中 Ecstatic that for the first time in her lonely life 唯一可以依靠的西班牙配偶之后 she had someone she could rely on, a Spanish consort, 玛丽充满热情地展开了 Mary set about the zealous work 清理国土上新教异端的行动 of cleansing her realm of the Protestant heresy, 竭力将爱德华推行的 undoing Edward's reformation 宗教变革抹杀殆尽 as completely as she could. 若有需要 By fire, if that's what 她不惜动用火刑 后来这演变为事实 it took to do the job properly, and it did. 三年中 220名男子 In three years, 220 men 和60名女子死于火刑 and 60 women were burned on Mary's bonfires. 被处刑的有 Some, like Archbishop Cranmer, 克兰麦大主教等位极人臣者 were high-profile victims, 但更多的是普通民众 如织妇和农民 but most were ordinary people, cloth workers and cutlers. 死者不仅有受过良好教育的人 And it wasn't just the literate who died. 还有渔夫罗林斯·怀特 Rawlings White, a fisherman, 他花钱让孩子去学校读书 paid for his son to go to school and learn to read, 他的孩子学会后每天晚饭后 so the boy could then read the Bible to him 读《圣经》给他听 each night after supper. 德比郡贫穷的盲女 琼·韦斯特 Joan Waist of Derby, a poor blind woman, 她攒钱买了一本《新约圣经》 saved up for a New Testament 花钱请人为她朗诵 and then paid people to read it to her. 但这些都是徒劳 But all this was in vain, 和爱德华一样 玛丽死后无子 for Mary, like Edward, died childless, 她被两次假孕折磨致死 suffering frantically through two false pregnancies, 第二次实为子宫癌 the second a cancer of the womb. 信奉天主教的英国的复兴气数已尽 The resurrection of Catholic England was doomed. 长眠地下的安妮·博林借女儿伊丽莎白之手 Anne Boleyn had triumphed from the grave over Catherine of Aragon, 战胜了阿拉贡的凯瑟琳 as her daughter, Elizabeth, 活得更久伊丽莎白将毁掉玛丽所有的奢望 would outlast Mary and undo all her pious hopes. 在国外神学院修行的英国天主教神父 English Catholic priests trained in foreign seminaries 偷渡到英国 最终不是被杀 would be smuggled into the country and end up either dead 就是藏身于 or in hiding with Catholic families 信奉天主教的达官贵人家中 who were rich and powerful enough to protect them. 若我们回顾 So if we ask ourselves 本集开始时的那个问题 the question we asked at the beginning of the programme, 英格兰的天主教究竟怎么了 "Whatever happened to Catholic England?" 答案就在这里 The answer is that it ended up down here, 神父洞 天主教在英国遭禁时建立于天主教堂内 是神父的避难所 在神父洞中 in a Priest hole, like this one 这个位于剑桥市郊外的索斯顿镇 at Sawston Hall outside Cambridge. 繁华一时的朗梅尔福德的三一教堂 The splendour of Long Melford 已沦落为藏身之所 reduced to a cloak-and-dagger church. 对于伊丽莎白统治下的天主教徒 For the Catholics of Elizabeth's England 神职人员撤到乡村小屋 the retreat of the priesthood to the country house 是终极灾难 would be a final disaster. 曾经的国立教会 What was once the national church 如今却只能亡命天涯 would become a faith on the run.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/BBC-A-History-Of-Britain-06-Burning-convictions-31.html