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非典型孤独(Atypical) 第01季 第01集 第16期

不客气 你跳得真棒 你是专业的对吧 Oh, you're welcome! You're great. You're a dancer, huh? 什么 不 很早之前了 What? Oh, no. I mean, forever ago. 我大学是舞蹈队队长 I was the captain of the dance squad in college. 嗯 Yeah. 我们在全国比赛获过三次奖 差点四次 We ranked nationally like three times, almost four. 当时被抢了 管他呢 都过去了 We were robbed, but whatever. I'm over it. 我们几个准备去喝点东西 一起来吗 Hey, a few of us are gonna go grab a drink. You want to come? 好啊 Sure. 太有趣了 This is so much fun. 感觉我又回到大学了一样 I feel like I'm back in college again. 再来一杯吗 Want another drink? 不用了 谢谢 No, thanks. 我已经逃避现实够久了 I think I've escaped my real life long enough. 我干嘛这么说 我热爱我的生活 I don't know why I said that. I love my life. I love it. Love it. 我请你喝一杯 This one's on me. 你跟我说 When you told me we were 在科技都会停车场吃晚餐的时候 having dinner in the Techtropolis parking lot, 我以为你是开玩笑的 I thought you were kidding. 我从不开玩笑 No, I don't do that. -你很漂亮 -谢谢 - You're very pretty. - Thanks. 我一直觉得我鼻子太大了 I always thought my nose was too big. 有一点 但其他地方都很好看 A little, but the rest of your face makes up for it. 你好实诚 You're really honest, huh? 嗯 这是坏事吗 Yes. Is that bad? 不是 这很新鲜 No. It's refreshing. -继续说 -好 - Tell me more. - Okay. 我很会修电脑 I'm really good at fixing computers, 我最喜欢生物课 and biology is my favorite subject in school. 女孩不喜欢我 Girls don't like me. 我爱企鹅 但我不该说这个 I love penguins, but I'm not supposed to talk about it. 我从没做过爱 I've never had sex before, 我有个宠物龟叫爱迪生 and I have a pet turtle named Edison, 是以托马斯·爱迪生命名的 但它笨笨的 who's named after Thomas Edison, but he's not as smart. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/Atypical-01-01-16.html