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月亮和六便士 第三十二章(03)

It showed an eagerness for adventure, a readiness for the hand-to-mouth, which the care she took of her home and her love of good housewifery made not a little remarkable. She must be a woman of complicated character, and there was something dramatic in the contrast of that with her demure appearance. 这说明了她喜欢追求冒险,肯于忍饥耐劳;后一种性格从她过去辛勤操理家务、热心家庭主妇的职责看来倒也不足为奇。看来她一定是一个性格非常复杂的女人,这同她那端庄娴静的外表倒构成了极富于戏剧性的对比。 I was excited by the encounter, and my fancy worked busily while I sought to concentrate myself on the game I was playing. I always tried my best to beat Strickland, because he was a player who despised the opponent he vanquished; his exultation in victory made defeat more difficult to bear. On the other hand, if he was beaten he took it with complete good-humour. He was a bad winner and a good loser. Those who think that a man betrays his character nowhere more clearly than when he is playing a game might on this draw subtle inferences. 这次与思特里克兰德和勃朗什不期而遇使我非常激动,勾起我无数奇思遐想。但是我还是拼命把精神集中在走棋上,使出全副本领,一定要把思特里克兰德击败。他非常看不起那些败在他手下的人;如果叫他取胜,他那种洋洋自得的样子简直叫你无地自容。但是在另一方面,如果他下输了,他倒也从来不发脾气。换言之,思特里克兰德只能输棋,不能赢棋。有人认为只有下棋的时候才能最清楚地观察一个人的性格,这倒是可以从思特里克兰德这人的例子取得一些微妙的推论。 When he had finished I called the waiter to pay for the drinks, and left them. The meeting had been devoid of incident. No word had been said to give me anything to think about, and any surmises I might make were unwarranted. I was intrigued. I could not tell how they were getting on. I would have given much to be a disembodied spirit so that I could see them in the privacy of the studio and hear what they talked about. I had not the smallest indication on which to let my imagination work. 下完棋以后,我把侍者叫来,付了酒账,便离开了他们。这次会面实在没有什么值得记述的地方,没有一句话可以使我追思、玩味,如果我有任何臆测,也毫无事实根据。但这反而更引起了我的好奇心。我实在摸不透这两人的关系。如果灵魂真能出窍的话,不论出什么代价我也得试一次;只有这样我才能在画室里看到他俩私下如何过活,才能听到他们交谈些什么。总之一句话,我没有可以供我的幻想力发挥作用的最小依据。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/511124.html