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I take responsibility for it. And then as a result of that and we'll talk about research on self-perception theory. 我承担责任 这样做的结果是. 我们会谈谈自我知觉理论 Research by Daryl Bem. We'll talk a lot about it. You don't need to write it down now. I'll take action and action will increase our level of confidence. 它是Daryl Bem的研究 我们会详细讨论它 你不用现在把它写下来 我会行动 行动会增加我们的自信 And then more hope and optimism is a result. As we talk about belief in self-fulfilling prophecy lecture, hope and optimism become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 结果是更多的希望和乐观 就像在自我应验预言课程中所说的 希望和乐观会变成自我应验预言 I'm much more likely to find someone. I'm certainly much more likely to be happy. Once again, being an active agent. 我更容易找到伴侣 我更可能变得开心 重申一次 作为积极主动者 Does not mean not giving ourselves the time, the space, the permission to experience painful emotions, to go through the emotion. 并不意味着不给我们自己时间 空间去让自己感受痛苦的情感 以及摆脱这种情感 Yes, by all means, we go through it. However, what it is also saying is that we need to find the right time it could be immediately, it could be a day or two later. 没错 我们一定会摆脱它 然而 我们要在适合的时间. 它可能是现在 可能是一两天后 To take action, to take responsibility, to do things so that our confidence levels in our hope and optimism increase. I want to just say a few things about this idea of being an. 去行动 去承担责任 去做事情 这样 我们对希望和乐观的自信就会增加 我要说几件关于 Active agent and responsibility. It applies to your life here at Harvard. It is up to you. It is your responsibility to make the most out of. 做一个积极主动者及责任的事 它可以融入你的哈佛生活 这取决于你 让你的哈佛时光充满意义 Your Harvard experiences. It is your responsibility to make the most out of this class. We, the teaching staff. 是你的责任 从这门课程学尽量多的东西是你的责任 我们作为教师 Are certainly going to create conditions for it. We are going to support you in every way that you need. However, ultimately. 肯定会为它创造条件 我们会以各种方式支持你们 然而 最终 It's your responsibility to do it in section. It's your responsibility to make it. One of the first questions that you'll be asking question. 小组讨论是你们的责任 作出行动是你们的责任 下周你们在小组里 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/511109.html