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Feel sorry for myself. Ruminate remember the word? Ruminate about the situation and how terrible it is. From a passive victim, I then move to blame: 为自己感到难过 思考 思考这种情况以及它有多糟糕 我从一个被动受害者变成抱怨者 她很糟糕 She's terrible; it's her fault; I blame her; I blame my parents, the way they raise me; I blame her parents; I blame President Bush or whomever. 都是她的错 我怨她 我抱怨我的父母 他们养育不当 我抱怨她的父母 我抱怨布什总统 And after I blame, I experience frustration as well as anger. Anger toward her, toward my parents, her parents, President Bush, Hilary, whoever it is. I feel anger. 抱怨之后 我变得沮丧和愤怒 对她生气 对我父母生气 对她父母生气 布什总统 希拉里 总之我很愤怒 And results very few results. Because I wallow in illumination and self-pity. Let's take the other extreme of the active agent. 结果呢 很少结果 因为我沉迷于反思和自怜中 我们再反观积极主动者 First of all, by definition, I take action. I take responsibility. I go on to places after experiencing the pain. 首先 从定义来看 我会行动 我承担责任 经历痛苦之后我会到处走走 It's painful, and next time we are going to talk about the importance of experiencing the pain of giving ourselves what I called the permission to be human. 它很痛苦 下节课我们会谈谈 经历痛苦的重要性 谈谈允许自己人性化 But once I experience it, I take action. I go out there to places where I will meet someone. I go to Pinnochio's Pizza place at Harvard. 但是我经历痛苦之后 我会行动 我去能认识他人的地方 我去匹诺曹哈佛的比萨店 Or another meeting place, the Stax in Whitener ?. Well I guess things have changed at Harvard since I was an undergrad. 或者另一个约会地点 我想时世变迁了 现在的哈佛和我毕业时的不同了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/511108.html