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美国总统选举中的地理学 第88期:1920-1968美国总统大选 (25)

Why Idaho Nevada Colorado 它们为何支持平民党 Silver mines that was what really the economy of those states, were all about in those states 他们有银矿,银矿是这几个州的经济支柱,占了很大份额 it wasn't much in Nevada but silver mines that was the game in town 在内华达州较少,但仍能带来不少利益 and of course if the US would move to silvers, a standard of the free coinage of silver 显然,如果美国真的实行了银币的自由铸造 would be tremendously beneficial for silver miners, so silver miners pushed it a lot 银矿生产区将获得巨大的利益,因而银矿矿工们对此极力推行 They got some support in the south 他们在南方也得到了一下支持 and that's actually interesting, you can see Alabama shaded in 很有意思,可以看到阿拉巴马州颜色较深 The colors were a bit washed out, Actually in North Carolina they didn't do too bad 你们看到的图颜色偏浅,事实上他们在北卡也获得不少支持 And in fact in North Carolina the populist started making interesting arrangement, say ally themselves with the Republicans 且平民党在北卡做出了一个有趣的决定,即宣布与共和党人结成联盟 They form what they called the fusion party 他们共同组成了一个融合党 They didn't agree on a lot of issues but they agreed that they did not like the Democratic party which 纵然他们在诸多问题上都有分歧,但他们都不愿让民主党得道 was becoming more and more the party of white supremacy in the south 因为民主党正日渐发展成一个推崇白人至上的南方政党 and this populist Republican fusion party in North Carolina, 而这由平民党和共和党组成的新政党 was a sort of last stand for African-American enfranchisement in the south 对于北卡的黑人而言,是他们在南方争取选举权的最后一战 They were actually voting, highly engaged in this 他们积极地参加到投票等活动当中, and the white backlash against that fusion movement, pretty much kill the populist party in the south, particularly in North Carolina 融合运动收到当地白人的严酷镇压,杀害了很多南方的平民主义者,北卡的情况尤为惨烈 So what else can you see in this map? You see 从这幅地图还能看出什么?你看到 Not doing well in the northeast 平民党在东北部出师不利 Not doing well in the new industrial cities 在新兴工业城市支持甚少 Not doing well among the laboring classes 也没有得到劳工阶级的青睐 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/511091.html