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美国总统选举中的地理学 第87期:1920-1968美国总统大选 (24)

It would not be beneficial to financial interest, so it was very much opposed by the sort of financial establishment 但这也与金融业的利益背道而驰,遭到了各个金融机构的强烈反对 The populist though had a lot of other ideas considered radical of the time 平民论派在当时还有很多其他被认为较为激进的主张 It's interesting a lot of them later came to pass 有趣的是很多主张都在后来逐一实现了 For example, they wanted regulation of banks 例如他们要求对银行加强管理 They wanted a graduated income tax, in another words, a progressive income tax 提倡分级的个人所得税制度即渐进式的收入税制, where the wealthy have to pay higher percentages on their marginal income 对收入高者征税比重应较高 They wanted senators to be directly elected 他们还提倡参议员的之选 Back in these days, US senators were elected by the state legislature, not by the people 当时美国的参议员是由各州的立法机关选出的,而非来自普选 They wanted 8 hour work day 他们倡导每日8小时工作制 and they wanted government control of railroads, telegraphs and the new telephone system 认为政府应该接管铁路、电报和新建立的电话通讯体系 Railroads was a huge issue 铁路是个很重要的问题 The populist view the railroads as monopolistic charging farmers far too much money 平民论者认为铁路被巨头垄断压榨农民的辛苦钱 has been far too cozy with financial interest 从而获取暴利 and that was a big part of their platform 因此铁路问题占了他们政纲很大篇幅 Well, you can see where the populist did well 从图中能看到平民党在哪里比较受欢迎 They formed a new party, Populist Party 他们组建了一个新的政党,平民党 and they did extremely well in some of the great plains states Kansas and Nebraska, 他们在大平原堪萨斯,内布拉斯加州区战绩非常出色 also pretty well in North Dakota and they did really well in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada 北达科他州支持率都很高,在科罗拉多州,怀俄明州,爱达荷州和内华达州,也一样 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/511090.html