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舌尖上的中国第1季 第62期:厨房的秘密(03)

The finished product is black, the most valued colour among the Tibetans. 成品是黑色的这是藏族最推崇的颜色。 It's the result of chemical reaction between carbon molecules and the clay. 是炭分子与泥料产生的化学反应。 Pottery cookers are not able to play the leading role in modern kitchens, but the Nixi black pottery is a living specimen. 当代的厨房陶制炊具并不能担纲但尼西黑陶却像是个活的标本。 Before bronze was introduced into the kitchen, pottery had been the sole hero in Chinese kitchens. 在青铜器被引入厨房之前陶制炊具是所有中国厨房的绝对主角。 People couldn't imagine another way to cook the food, besides baking and roasting, until pottery came into being. 陶器诞生之前,人们无法想像在烧和烤之外还有另外一种让食物变熟的方法。 It was a surprising leap in cooking. 这是一次惊喜的飞跃。 People here have their own philosophy of life. 这里的人们有着自己的生活哲学。 They are not after an exquisite lifestyle. 并不追求过于精致的生活习惯。 There is hardly anything in their diet, except simple food and simple cooking. 简单的食物,简单的烹饪几乎是他们饮食的全部。 The black pottery can be used...to boil. 黑陶能承担的烹饪方法,就是煮。 Lying between the water and the fire, it passes the heat to the food, helping to release natural flavors. 作为水和火之间的媒介它将温度传给食材,让美味释放。 The secret in the kitchens in Nixi lies exactly under this boiling broth. 看似简单的沸腾下却蕴藏着尼西人厨房的秘密。 It was the "surprising" discovery thousands of years ago, and now, one of the most commonly used cooking methods in our daily life. 这个秘密流传了几千年后当初的“惊喜”已经变成日常的烹制手法。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/511034.html