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舌尖上的中国第1季 第61期:厨房的秘密(02)

The practice of "boiling" in cooking is closely linked to the invention of pottery cookers among which is Nixi black pottery, “煮”这种烹饪方式与陶制炊具的诞生息息相关, a young member of the family, yet with a history of 3,000 years. 尼西黑陶相对年轻却也有三千年的历史。 Nixi has the most delightful weather in Shangri-La. 尼西在香格里拉是气候最为宜人的所在。 Villagers here believe that they live among the sacred mountains which provide them with endless clay. 在村民心里,周围的山都是神山他们能轻易地开采到泥料。 They consider it a gift from the nature. 这是自然的恩赐。 Black pottery regains its popularity in recent years, which makes the young grow more interests in the craftsmanship. 这些年黑陶又开始畅销年轻人变得愿意继承这手艺。 The eldest son of Tashi is also known as Li Xiaolong. 札西的大儿子汉语名字叫李小龙。 He has been working out of the village for several years. And now he is back. 在外面闯荡几年之后又回到了这个村庄。 Li Xiaolong visits the town every week to teach the pupils in the primary school to play drum and make black pottery. 李小龙每周会去县城的小学教孩子们打鼓和做黑陶。 He wishes to open a pottery classroom in the town, but for now, he has to help his family in the fields. 他的愿望是在县城里开个陶艺吧,不过目前正是农忙时节他要参与家里的农活。 Tashi, along with other potters here, has inherited the skills invented by their ancestors 3000 years ago. 札西和其他匠人原封不动地传承了三千年前祖先们的制作工艺。 You can see the lines are coming out here. 它的线就出来了。 To bake the clay, one needs to pile up the firewood on the ground. 黑陶的锻烧是在平地上聚拢柴堆。 When it is half-done, pine-needles and sawdust are added. 烧到一半,盖上松针,锯末。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/511033.html