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夏洛的网 第180期:叔叔(06)

All morning people wandered past Wilbur's pen. 整个上午人们走过威尔伯的猪圈。 Dozens and dozens of strangers stopped to stare at him 几十几百个陌生人停下来看它, and to admire his silky white coat, 赞美它一身丝一样细柔的白毛, his curly tail, his kind and radiant expression. 它卷曲的尾巴,它善良的表情和光彩照人。 Then they would move on to the next pen where the bigger pig lay. 接下来他们到隔壁猪圈去看躺在那里的更大的猪。 Wilbur heard several people make favorable remarks about Uncle's great size. 威尔伯听到有几个人称赞“叔叔”的大个子。 He couldn't help overhearing these remarks, and he couldn't help worrying. 它没法不听到这些评语,没法不担心。 "And now, with Charlotte not feeling well ..." he thought. "Oh, dear!" “现在,加上夏洛感觉不舒服……”它想,“噢,天啊!” All morning Templeton slept quietly under the straw. 整个上午坦普尔顿在麦草底下静静地安睡。 The day grew fiercely hot. 天气越来越热,热坏了。 At noon the Zuckermans and the Arables returned to the pigpen. 中午朱克曼夫妇和阿拉布尔夫妇回到猪圈来。 Then, a few minutes later, Fern and Avery showed up. 过了几分钟,弗恩和艾弗里也露脸了。 Fern had a monkey doll in her arms and was eating Crackerjack. 弗恩抱着一只玩具猴子,吃着爆米花胶糖。 Avery had a balloon tied to his ear and was chewing a candied apple. 艾弗里把一个气球拴在他的一只耳朵上,啃着冰糖苹果。 The children were hot and dirty. 孩子们又热又脏。 "Isn't it hot?" said Mrs. Zuckerman. “真是热啊!”朱克曼太太说。 "It's terribly hot," said Mrs. Arable, fanning herself with an advertisement of a deep freeze. “热死了!”阿拉布尔太太说,拿着一张深冻冰箱的广告拼命扇风。 One by one they climbed into the truck and opened lunch boxes. 他们一个个爬上卡车,打开饭盒。 The sun beat down on everything. 太阳无处不晒。 Nobody seemed hungry. 似乎没有人觉得肚子饿。 "When are the judges going to decide about Wilbur?" asked Mrs. Zuckerman. “评判员什么时候评定威尔伯呢?”朱克曼太太问道。 "Not till tomorrow," said Mr. Zuckerman. “至少要到明天。”朱克曼先生说。 Lurvy appeared, carrying an Indian blanket that he had won. 勒维回来了,拿着赢来的一条印弟安毯子。 "That's just what we need," said Avery. "A blanket." “这正是我们需要的,”艾弗里说,“一条毯子。” "Of course it is," replied Lurvy. “当然需要。”勒维说。 And he spread the blanket across the sideboards of the truck so that it was like a little tent. 他把毯子搭在卡车两边的侧板上,就像一个小帐篷。 The children sat in the shade, under the blanket, and felt better. 孩子们坐在毯子下的阴影里,觉得好多了。 After lunch, they stretched out and fell asleep. 吃过中饭,他们伸展手脚,睡着了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/511022.html