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商务礼节美语 第15期:有面子(02)

Jerry要去中国出差,找同事Amy请教。 Jerry: My book on Chinese culture says that the idea of shame is a big part of how society works. 我的一本关于中国文化的书上说羞耻心对于一个社会的发展至关重要。 A: That's true. Chinese culture places more value on the group and less on the individual. 确实是。相比较个体而言,中国文化更重视集体。 J: Pretty much the opposite of the U.S. huh? 和美国文化正好想法,对吧? A: Yeah. In China your actions at work reflect on your employer and your daily conduct reflects on your family. 是的,在中国你工作时的表现会影响到你公司的形象,你的日常举止行为能反映出你的家庭教养。 J: So if you shame yourself you're also shaming your employer? 所以说如果你自己感到羞愧,你同时也会对你的雇员感到羞愧吗? A: In some cases, yes. 有的时候,是这样的。 集体的概念在中国文化里很重要。Amy说,Chinese culture places more value on the group and less on the individual. 相对个人而言,中国文化更重视集体,the opposite of the U.S.,跟美国正相反。你工作时的表现会影响到你公司的形象,你的日常举止行为能反映出你的家庭教养,to reflect on someone,是影响到某人形象的意思。 A: Chinese culture doesn't encourage showboating or aggressive self-promotion. 中国文化不鼓励自我吹嘘或者激进的自我宣传。 J: Ha! In America, we promote ourselves all the time! It's the only way to get noticed. 哈,在美国,我们总是自我激励!这是赢得注意的唯一方式。 A: But in Chinese society, you might have a better chance at getting a promotion at work by being a real team player. The best advice I can give to a foreigner who wants to do business in China is this: be sincere, try not to offend and tone down the volume. 但是在中国社会,当你是团队中的一员是,你可能会得到晋升。我能给一个想在中国做生意的外国人最好的建议是:真诚,不要冒犯别人,尽量低调。 中国文化不鼓励showboat,自我吹嘘,也不鼓励self-promotion,自我宣传。在美国,只有自我宣传才能得到上司的注意,然而在中国,最好的途径是be a real team player,做团队的一员。Amy说,她给外国人最好的建议是:be sincere,真诚;try not to offend,不要冒犯别人;以及tone down the volume,调低音量。 J: What do you mean when you say, "turn down the volume?" 你说的“尽量低调”是什么意思? S: Well, for one thing: don't talk so loud! Americans are loud and although China is a very noisy country, people don't like it when you draw attention to yourself. 嗯,一方面,是说不要说话太大声。美国人说话声音很大,而中国尽管是一个非常吵闹的国家,但是中国人不喜欢说话大声引人注意的人。 J: Would that include how I dress as well? 这个包括我的穿着打扮吗? A: Certainly. Try to blend in as much as possible. The locals will appreciate the effort. 当然。试着融入环境。当地人会对这样的改变赞赏的。 J: Wow, Amy....I'm so glad I talked with you! You've been a great source of information. 哇,艾米……我真高兴和你谈了这些!你真是个巨大的知识库。 A: Sure. Let me know if you need more specifics. 当然。让我再告诉你一些具体的细节。 Amy建议Jerry讲话不要太大声,因为 People don't like it when you draw attention to yourself,大家不喜欢那些故意吸引别人注意的人。另外,穿着打扮也不要太醒目,Try to blend in as much as possible,意思是融入周围的环境,也就是说,Jerry应该尽量设法跟周围的人打成一片。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/511005.html