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美国语文第四册 第169期:休伊德和特劳先(06)

At length, little Hugh found himself completely worn out with running away from Mr. Toil. 最后,休精疲力尽。 "Take me back! take me back!" CRIed the poor fellow, bursting into tears. “带我回去!带我回去!”可怜的小家伙喊着,满脸泪水。 If there is nothing but Toil all the world over, I may just as well go back to the schoolhouse. 如果世界上都是特劳,我回学校也是一样的。 "Yonder it is; there is the schoolhouse!" said the stranger; “学校就在那儿,学校就在那儿!”陌生人说。 for though he and little Hugh had taken a great many steps, they had traveled in a circle instead of a straight line. 他和休虽然走了很久,却没有走直线,只是绕了一圈。 Come, we will go back to the school together. 来,我们一起回学校吧。 There was something in his companion's voice that little Hugh now remembered; and it is strange that he had not remembered it sooner. 同伴的声音里有些东西让休想起了什么,很奇怪他没早点儿想起来。 Looking up into his face, behold! there again was the likeness of old Mr. Toil, so that the poor child had been in company with Toil all day, even while he had been doing his best to run away from him. 抬头看着同伴的脸,看!又是老特劳先生,可怜的孩子全天都和特劳先生在一起,他居然还拼命躲着他。 Little Hugh Idle, however, had learned a good lesson, and from that time forward was diligent at his task, 休学到了很好的一课,从这一刻开始,他勤奋学习, because he now knew that diligence is not a whit more toilsome than sport or idleness. 因为他现在明白了勤奋不比游戏或偷懒更辛苦。 And when he became better acquainted with Mr. Toil, he began to think his ways were not so disagreeable, 在对特劳先生有了更多了解后,开始觉得他并非那么令人讨厌, and that the old schoolmaster's smile of approbation made his face sometimes appear almost as pleasant as even that of Hugh's mother. 而老校长不时露出的赞赏的微笑几乎和妈妈的一样令人快乐。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/510990.html