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美国语文第四册 第168期:休伊德和特劳先(05)

"Oh, let us stop here," CRIed Hugh; “噢,我们就在这儿,”休大声说, Mr. Toil will never dare to show his face where there is a fiddler, and where people are dancing and making merry. 有小提琴手,有人跳舞享乐的地方,特劳先生永远不敢露面的。 But the words had scarcely died away on the little boy's tongue, when, happening to cast his eyes on the fiddler, whom should he behold again but the likeness of Mr. Toil, 可是话还没说完,休的眼光正好落在小提琴师身上,竟然是特劳先生! armed with a fiddle bow this time, and flourishing it with as much ease and dexterity as if he had been a fiddler all his life. 这次他轻松熟练地舞动着提琴弓,好像他一生都是小提琴手。 "Oh, dear me!" whispered he, turning pale; "it seems as if there were nobody but Mr. Toil in the world." “哎呀,天啊!”休小声说,面色惨白,“世界上除了特劳先生好像没有别人了。” "This is not your old schoolmaster," observed the stranger, “这不是你的老校长,”陌生人看了看说, but another brother of his, who has learned to be a fiddler. 这是他的另一个兄弟,他是个小提琴手。 He is ashamed of his family, and generally calls himself Master Pleasure; 他为家庭感到难为情,通常称自己是快乐大师; but his real name is Toil, and those who know him best think him still more disagreeable than his brothers. 可是他的真名是特劳,认识他的人觉得他比他的兄弟们更令人不快。 "Pray, let us go on," said Hugh. “天啊,我们快走吧。”休说。 Well, thus the two went wandering along the highway and in shady lanes and through pleasant villages, and wherever they went, behold! 两人继续向前走,走过大路,穿过林荫小路,经过美丽的村庄,可是不论走到哪儿,看啊! there was the image of old Mr. Toil. If they entered a house, he sat in the parlor; 总有特劳先生的身影。如果他们走进一户人家,他坐在客厅里; if they peeped into the kitchen, he was there! 如果向厨房窥视,他就在那里! He made himself at home in every cottage, and stole, under one disguise or another, into the most splendid mansions. 在每个农舍或商店,或者在最金碧辉煌的大厦,都可以见到打扮不同的特劳先生。 Everywhere they stumbled on some of the old schoolmaster's innumerable brothers. 总之,不论在哪,他们都能撞上特劳先生无数兄弟中的某一个。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/510989.html