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美国语文第五册 第62期:露西-福斯特(05)

Jacob wore a solemn expression of countenance, and he seemed, from his looks, to bring no comfort. 雅各·梅恩脸色凝重,从他表情来看,似乎并没有什么好消息。 Michael stood up between him and his wife, and looked into his heart. 迈克尔在来客和夫人间站起,急切想从他的脸上寻到答案。 Something there seemed to be in his face that was not miserable. 雅各·梅恩此刻表情看来并非那么糟。 "If he has heard nothing of my child," thought Michael, "this man must care little for his own fireside." “如果他没有露西的消息,”迈克尔心想,“看来不可能的,他对自己家庭的关心,亦不过如此。” "Oh, speak, speak," said Agnes; "yet why need you speak? All this has been but a vain belief, and Lucy is in heaven." “哦,说吧,说呀,”艾格尼丝焦急地问,转而又说:“还说什么好呢?所有不过虚妄之想,露西已经走了。” Something like a trace of her has been discovered; 怀疑与露西有关的线索已经发现, a woman, with a child that did not look like a child of hers, was last night at Clovenford, and left it at the dawning. 昨晚在卡楼福德,一位妇女,带着孩子,那孩子看起来并不像她亲生的,今天拂晓离开了。 "Do you hear that, my beloved Agnes?" said Isabel; “亲爱的艾格尼丝,你听到这消息吗?”伊莎贝尔急切地问道,然后接着说, she will have tramped away with Lucy up into Ettrick or Yarrow; 那吉卜赛女人肯定带着露西赶往埃特里克或亚罗, but hundreds of eyes will have been upon her; for these are quiet but not solitary glens; 可好几百双眼睛不会放过她的,那些山道关隘尽管人烟稀少,但总会有人蹲守, and the hunt will be over long before she has crossed down upon Hawick. 甚至等不到那女人穿山越岭下来赶到霍伊克,我们就会抓住她。 I knew that country in my young days, What say you, Mr. Mayne? There is the light of hope in your face. 我打小对这块地区相当熟悉,你想说什么?梅恩先生?你的脸上露出希望。 There is no reason to doubt, ma'am, that it was Lucy. Everybody is sure of it. 没有理由怀疑,伊莎贝尔,那孩子就是露西,没有人不相信。 If it was my own Rachel, I should have no fear as to seeing her this blessed night. 倘若那是我的女儿,在这个上帝赐福的夜晚,我根本不害怕弄清真相。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/510967.html