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美国语文第五册 第61期:露西-福斯特(04)

Isabel took the clothes, and, narrowly inspecting them with eye and hand, said, with a fervent voice that was heard even in Michael's despair, "No, Lucy is yet among the living." 婶婶伊莎贝尔拿过衣服,仔细察看一番,急切地说,露西还活着,她的声音给绝望的迈克尔带来希望, There are no marks of violence on the garments of the innocent; no murderer's hand has been here. 这些衣物上没有任何施暴者的痕迹。不会是谋杀。 These blood spots have been put here to deceive. 这些血迹好像有意要隐藏什么。 Besides, would not the murderer have carried off these things? 况且,为什么谋杀犯为什么不把这些衣物带走? For what else would he have murdered her? But, oh! foolish despair! What speak I of ? 他(她)又是为什么要杀害她呢?天呀,没有必要绝望!让我说什么好呢? For, wicked as the world is—ay! desperately wicked—there is not, on all the surface of the wide earth, a hand that would murder our child! 这邪恶的世道!唉呀,简直太邪恶了!在世界上所有地方,但愿不会再有罪恶的手摧残我们的孩子! Is it not plain as the sun in the heaven, that Lucy has been stolen by some wretched gypsy beggar? 露西肯定被那些卑鄙无耻的吉卜赛乞丐偷走了,这点,难道不正像天底下阳光那样最简单明白? The crowd quietly dispersed, and horse and foot began to scour the country. 人群很快散去了,马匹或脚印很快将布满周边区域。 Some took the highroads, others all the bypaths, and many the trackless hills. 有人去大路搜索,有人去岔道追踪,还有很多人去那些偏僻的山隘小路寻找。 Now that they were in some measure relieved from the horrible belief that the child was dead, 此刻,大伙都从孩子已不在世上的可怕念想中解脱出来, the worst other calamity seemed nothing, for hope brought her back to their arms. 更坏的灾祸看来绝不可能,生的希望已把露西重新带回众人怀抱。 Agnes had been able to walk home to Bracken-Braes, and Michael and Isabel sat by her bedside. 艾格尼丝走过蕨丛簇密的山坡,回到家倒床不起,她看来完全筋疲力尽,迈克尔和伊莎贝尔坐在她的床边。 All her strength was gone, and she lay at the mercy of the rustle of a leaf, or a shadow across the window. 窗外,树叶沙沙,越过窗棂的阴影,周围仿佛沉浸一片悲戚之中。 Thus hour after hour passed, till it was again twilight. 时间一点点流逝,直到满天星斗再现。 "I hear footsteps coming up the brae," said Agnes, who had for some time appeared to be slumbering; “我听见有人爬上山坡。”艾格尼丝说着,似乎愣了愣神, and in a few moments the voice of Jacob Mayne was heard at the outer door. 不一会,雅各.梅恩的声音在门外响起。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171114/510966.html