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美国语文第四册 第167期:休伊德和特劳先(04)

Now Hugh and the stranger had not gone much further, when they met a company of soldiers, gayly dressed, with feathers in their caps, and glittering muskets on their shoulders. 休和陌生人没走多远,看见一队士兵,衣着华丽,帽子上插着羽毛,肩膀上扛着闪闪发光的毛瑟枪。 In front marched the drummers and fifers, making such merry music that Hugh would gladly have followed them to the end of the world. 队伍前面走着鼓手和吹横笛的人,听着欢快的音乐,休心里想,就是跟着他们到天涯海角也行。 If he were only a soldier, he said to himself, old Mr. Toil would never venture to look him in the face. 如果当个士兵,老特劳先生永远也不敢朝他看了。 "Quickstep! forward! march!" shouted a gruff voice. “快步走!齐步走!踏步走!”一个粗哑的声音喊道。 Little Hugh started in great dismay; for this voice sounded precisely like that which he had heard every day in Mr. Toil's schoolroom. 休吓了一跳,这个声音听起来和特劳先生的声音完全一样。 And turning his eyes to the captain of the company, what should he see but the very image of old Mr. Toil himself, in an officer's dress, to be sure, but looking as ugly and disagreeable as ever. 再看领队,竟然是特劳先生本人,穿着军官的服装,可是看起来和以前一样又丑又不令人愉快。 "This is certainly old Mr. Toil," said Hugh, in a trembling voice. “这肯定是老特劳先生,”休声音颤抖地说道, Let us away, for fear he should make us enlist in his company. 我们走吧,我害怕他会让我们参加他的军队。 "You are mistaken again, my little friend," replied the stranger very composedly. “你又错了,我的小朋友,”陌生人沉着地回答, This is only a brother of Mr. Toil's, who has served in the army all his life. 这只是特劳先生的一个兄弟,他一生都在军队里。 You and I need not be afraid of him. 你用不着怕他。 "Well, well," said Hugh, "if you please, sir, I don't want to see the soldiers any more." “好吧,好吧,”休说,“先生,求您了,我不想再看这些士兵。” So the child and the stranger resumed their journey; 于是休和陌生人继续他们的旅行, and, after awhile, they came to a house by the roadside, where a number of young men and rosy-cheeked girls, with smiles on their faces, were dancing to the sound of a fiddle. 不久,他们看到路边有一户人家,几个少年和一个脸色红扑扑的女孩,正随着小提琴的演奏起舞。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171113/510696.html