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美国语文第四册 第166期:休伊德和特劳先生(03)

"Don't be afraid," said the stranger; this is not Mr. Toil, the schoolmaster, but a brother of his, who was bred a farmer. “不要害怕,”陌生人说,“这不是特劳校长,而是他的一个当农民的兄弟。 He won't trouble you, unless you become a laborer on his farm. 除非你是他农场的工人,否则他不会找你麻烦的。 Hugh believed what his companion said, but was glad when they were out of sight of the old farmer who bore such a singular resemblance to Mr. Toil. 休相信同伴说的话,很高兴地离开了这个和特劳先生长相惊人相似的人。 The two travelers came to a spot where some carpenters were building a house. 两人来到了一个地方,那里木匠们正在盖房子。 Hugh begged his companion to stop awhile, for it was a pretty sight to see how neatly the carpenters did their work with their saws, planes, and hammers; 休求同伴等一会,木匠们用他们的锯、刨子、锤子利索地干活的情景很有趣; and he was beginning to think he too should like to use the saw, and the plane, and the hammer, and be a carpenter himself. 他开始想象也想拿起那些锯、刨子、锤子,成为一名木匠。 But suddenly he caught sight of something that made him seize his friend's hand, in a great fright. 可是突然,他看到了什么,害怕地抓住朋友的手。 "Make haste! quick, quick!" CRIed he; "there's old Mr. Toil again." “快点!快,快!”休叫起来,“又看到老特劳了。” The stranger cast his eyes where Hugh pointed his finger, and saw an elderly man, 休用手指着,陌生人顺着手指的方向看去, who seemed to be overseeing the carpenters, as he went to and fro about the unfinished house, marking out the work to be done, and urging the men to be diligent; 一个老年人似乎是监工,他走来走去,给要做的工作做着标记,督促人们更用力气; and wherever he turned his hard and wrinkled visage, they sawed and hammered as if for dear life. 严肃而布满皱纹的脸在哪里出现,那里的木匠们就都拼命地工作。 "Oh, no! this is not Mr. Toil, the schoolmaster," said the stranger; it is another brother of his who follows the trade of carpenter. “哦,不!这不是特劳校长,”陌生人说,这是他的从事木匠工作的另一个兄弟。 "I am very glad to hear it," quoth Hugh; "but if you please, sir, I should like to get out of his way as soon as possible." “听见你这么说我就放心了,”休说,“可是,先生,我想尽快离开这儿。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171113/510695.html